Seven candidates to tussle for Budadiri East Parliamentary Seat

Nakiyi Julius is the seventh candidate to publically show interest in the budadiri East parliamentary seat after former MP and FDC’s Sasaga Isiah Wanzila, UPC’s Accountant Mike Kasoola, City Lawyer Richard Masereje, People power activists David Waniala, former immigration officer Sasaga Godfrey and incubent Vincent Woboya

Former Aspirant for Chairman BCU Nakiyi Julius has finally confirmed that he will contest for MP Budadiri East in Sironko district on NRM.

In an interview with our reporter, Nakiyi says he is the right person to deliver the people of Budadiri East to their individual promised lands adding that te land of canan will mean creating conditions that help each person to achieve their own dreams such as improvement in household incomes promotion of education, health, promotion of justice and holding rights of the vulnerable.

Nakiyi explains that he intend to go beyond the core roles of an mp which are legislation, budgeting and monitoring government programs to actual lobbying and participation in community projects such as improvement of feeder roads and opening up new roads to help people access markets and services.

Former MP Sasaga Isaiah Wanzila Zagazaga urged voters to screen amongst all candidates. He advised candidates against blackmail campaign. He promised to continue lobbying for better education standards.

City Lawyer Masereje who recently donated scholastic materials and also constructed a bridge in the in the constituency says voters should consider action based leaders.

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