Sironko coffee farmers asked to embrace “Original” farming methods.

Coffee farmers in sironko have been advised to desist from using modern farming methods which are affecting coffee production. Speaking during the meeting organized by Sironko District agricultural department in Budadiri recently, Sironko District Member of Parliament Nambozo Florence Mayoga urged coffee farmers to reconsider original coffee farming methods for timely production.

Nambozo said farmers need to grow coffee that will entice the coffee market adding that farmers need to preserve coffee seeds before planting.

Nambozo also encouraged coffee farmers, especially those with old plantations to consider pruning for better yields explaining that due to the unique terrain of Elgon region, farmers should consider farming methods like mulching, digging trenches among others.

The district agricultural department of sironko headed by Ms. Janet Nafuye welcomed the advise from the MP and tasked themselves to live the advise saying it will improve on productivity if implemented

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