Nandala: Am not interested in Mbale Parliamentary Seat

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala-Mafabi says he is not interested in any political seat in the highly anticipated Mbale City. Nandala revealed this while meeting Forum For Democratic Change party leaders in a state holders meeting for Budadiri West in Sironko District at Busamaga Secondary School.

Nandala says these are far fetched romours aimed at turning the attention of his supporters in the constituency. Nandala confirmed that he is for Budadiri West and will always stand with them. Nandala used to opportunity to public confirm his intension to Budadiri West Parliamentary seat in 2021.

Nandala asked FDC party leaders to ignore the romours and concentrate on mobilizing for 2021 adding that Uganda needs leaders who are determined, focused, and pro people not self seekers.

Muyobo Peter the regional Mobilise for FDC says Budadiri West still needs Nandala as many projects are yet to be completed.

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