Mbale Youth Leaders Form SACCO To fight poverty

As a way to fight poverty and benefit from government programs, Sub County youth leaders from Bungokho south constituency in Mbale district have formed an association.

While speaking during the launch of the association known as Bungokho south youth level association at Busoba sub-county head offices, Fredrick Nambafu the Busoba sub-county youth counselor said that this association will consist all sub-county leaders in the constituency.

He adds that the forming of the association follows the advice which was given to them by the president the Museveni during his visit to the Bugisu sub-region.

He adds that the president encouraged them as youth leaders to form groups so that the government can channel support from there rather than competing with their fellow youths they are leading.

Paul Masaba the youth chairperson of Nyondo Sub County also says that they are going to use this association for saving and borrowing their money as leaders.

He also says that they are going to lobby for financial support from political leaders, NGOs, and government such that they can fight poverty.

Fred Wanyama the Busiu sub-county youth chairperson also urged the remaining youth leaders who have not joined the association to do so that they can befit from government programs and increase their daily income.

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