FDC Embarks On Reviving Its Grass-root Party Structures.

As the 2021 general elections approach, Forum for democratic change party has embarked on a Nationwide campaign of reviving all its structures from the grass-root level.

While speaking to hundreds of party leaders of Budadiri East constituency in Sironko district over the weekend at Sironko parents secondary school Mutufu campus, Nathan Nandala Mafabi the party general party sectary said that the purpose of this nationwide excise is to use those structures and win all political positions right from the LCI level to National come next general election of 2021.

He also said that as a party they have discovered that their poor performance in the 2016 general election was as a result of lacking structures at the grass-root level and inside fights within the party members.

Nandala also said that most flagger bearers after losing elections at the party level, they refused to back the winning candidate rather decided to contest as independent candidates thus giving NRM chance to take most of the positions which they are trying to avoid in the coming general elections.

He also said that they have started from Sironko before rolling out national wide as they identify their members from LCI level who are going to compete as party flagger bearer before the end of this year as they prepare for 2021 general elections.

Isaiah Sasaga Wanzairi the former Member of Parliament and contestant on FDC ticket at Budadiri East constituency welcomed the idea of reviving the structures saying that this will aid the party to sweep 2021 general elections from LCI to national level.

Robin Wamanga also the former Sironko woman Mp contestant on FDC ticket urged all FDC leaders from local council one to start convincing people from their villages to join the party such that by 2021 they have a massive number of supporters.   

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