Mbale Municipal Council To Engage LCIs In Local Revenue collection.

By Weswa Ronnie 

As a way to boost local revenue at the Industrial division in Mbale Municipality, Khariet Wabule the senior assistant town clerk has revealed that they are going to involving local council one of the respective cells in the collection.

While speaking to LCIs from different cells at the division offices this morning, Wabule says that in the last financial year of 2018/19 the division passed a budget of 2.6 billion shillings but they managed to collect only 890 million shillings.

She adds that what led them to collect less than what they expected is that most business owners absconded tax because tax collection officers were unable to identify their business and the presidential pronouncement of stopping taxi and Boda Boda operators from paying tax.

Charles Wafula the LCIII chairperson of Industrial division said that less collection of local revenue has affected service delivery like opening roads, installing security lights, paying workers, rubbish collection and paying allowances to councilors, for now, five months.

Musa Kasaja the chairperson of revenue collection adds that they have asked all LCIs from their respective cells to register all business operators such that division tax collectors will be guided by them during tax assessment and collection time.

Samuel Mutende the LCI chairperson of Masaba cell welcomed the idea urging all his colleagues to welcome the plan such that they can boost local revenue which will make them earn their 25% as the law requires developing their cells.

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