Sironko MP Nambozo Launches New Sub county caution leaders against corruption

The Sironko District Woman Member of parliament Hon. Florence Nambozo has today in a company of other local leaders launched the new Namugabwe sub county in Sironko district with a call on leaders to stamp out corruption and be accountable. “If you are to retain Power, you must be accountable to your local area, to the nation and to God and deliver services to the people. You must also stamp out corruption”, Nambozo said. She said she is saddened by the fact that some local governments leaders are misusing their power by being blatantly corrupt which should not be the case if development and growth is to be achieved in Sironko District.

Nambozo said the new Namugabwe sub county that was curved off from Buteze sub county, now has autonomy over its financial and planning matters, adding that its leaders, at all levels, should demonstrate the capacity to exercise this autonomy and power given to them by the Constitution and the Local Government Act without conflicting with the Central Government and the district. “You must show that you have the capacity to plan for the people and to mobilise and manage the required resources to implement their plans”, Hon. Nambozo stressed.

However the leadership of Namugabwe sub county led by the LCV councilor Wakwaba Mohamad representing Namugabwe sub county to the district applauded Hon. Nambozo Florence for always being always being at the forefront of service delivery in Sironko as their legislator. And promised to work without corruption influence

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