State of Sironko Health Facility Irks Sironko Woman MP

The chairperson of parliament on HIV/AIDs and other related diseases Committee and also the district Woman MP for Sironko Hon. Florence Nambozo has expressed shock on the appalling state of Buwasa Health centre Iv. 

Nambozo says that she is very disappointed with the state of the facility despite the fact that it is the only Health facility serving almost 10 sub counties of Budadiri west constituency in Sironko District.

Some of the sub counties that Buwasa health centre serve include: Buteza, Nalusala, Buyobo, Buwalasi, Bukyabi, Buyanfa and Bufumbo sub county in Mbale District.

Mr’s Jenifer Muduwa the area councilor of Bumasaba Parish in Buwasa sub county, revealed that ever since last year, they have held dialogues with the district authorities to improve the hygiene of the facility, but nothing has been done since then. However the residents of Buwasa sub county applauded Hon. Nambozo for her timely intervention.

Residents also said they have a non-functional borehole at Buwasa Health Centre IV which was meant to serve the health facility, adding that they are living in fear because during prolonged dry spell patients admitted in the area walk long distances in search of water to use at the facility.

Hon. Nambozo particularly revealed that she was concerned with the poor hygiene at the Facility, revealing that the compound of the Health centre is very dirty and smelly.

Nambozo says that she will liaise with Sironko District Committee on Social Services to send a technical team to inspect the Health centre and make a report to government to intervene immediately.

Hon. Nambozo was today in the district to monitor, scrutinize and validate government’s pledges and assurances on service delivery

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