Nakiyi donates iron sheets to boda boda riders for shades.

Julius Nakiyi the NRM Parliamentary Aspirant for Budadiri East in Sironko has donated iron sheets to two boda boda riders to put up shades at their parking sites also known as stages. Nakiyi says the shades will help to protect the riders from direct sunlight as they wait for passengers. The two stages are Kiguli stage in busulani sub county and Koota stage in Masaba sub county.

Wakidwaya John who delivered the iron sheets to boda boda riders of kiguli on Friday evening on behalf of Nakiyi asked the riders to put up the structure as early as possible as rains continue to show no sign of stopping. He urged boda boda riders to be honest and remain disciplined and asked them to support Julius Nakiyi as they approach 2021.

Waguwale Benard the chairman of Kiguli boda boda stage acknowledged the receipt of 10irone sheets for the stage shade. He appreciated Nakiyi for helping. He asked fellow riders to leaders like Julius Nakiyi who listen and deliver minus promising.

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