Police recorded low turn up in Mbale recruitment.

By Weswa Ronnie  

As police recruitment excise kick off in Mbale today, the turn up was very low compared to previous recruitments.

While speaking to Elgon Fm in an exclusive interview at Mbale secondary school playground where the excise was taking place Alison Agaba the assistant commissioner of police who was leading the excise says that the turn-up of the applicant was too law.

She adds that they had targeted 82 applicants in Mbale and 64 males and 18 females but they got only 500 people who had turned up to be screened.

Agaba also says that based on the requirement they had wanted they ended up getting less than the target number however much they were forced to reduce on the requirements before getting the expected number.

Robert Tukei the Elgon sub-region police spokesperson also said that they had wanted qualifications like national ID, age between 18 to 22 years, S4 documents with five credits including mathematics and English.

He also said that the low turn up might have been caused by requirements which they have put in place ending up disqualifying or scaring the most interested candidates.

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However, he adds that they got challenges of getting candidates who come from neighboring districts like Manafwa, Bududa, Sironko among others but they were sent back to wait for the excise from their home districts which are soon going to be there.

 Tukei also confirmed that the target number of recruitments across districts in the Elgon sub-region will not be the same because they are basing on the level of crime rate, population among others.

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