Local Leaders In Bulambuli back Sara Wekomba For 2nd Term In Parliament.

By: Egonda Emmanuel Anelka

Local leaders of six villages in Muyembe Sub County, Bulambuli District have resolved to support the District Woman Member of Parliament Sarah Wekomba in her bid for a second term in the 2021 elections.

The leaders are from the villages of Bumulekhwa, Bulako, Busukuya, Buwabwala, Bunakami, and Bunabiro. They made the pronouncement on Saturday at Muyembe Town View Nursery and Primary School. MP Sarah Wekomba had visited the area to meet women groups and engage in consultations on how they can benefit from government programs.

Godfrey Kikwe the Vice-Chairperson Bumulekhwa village says MP Wekomba has lobbied for projects like the repair of bridges in the area. He also says Wekomba is an approachable leader who often consults them on matters of development.

David Watibini the LCII Chairperson for Bulako Parish in Muyembe Sub County says MP Wekomba has empowered women through savings and credit associations. Watibini says women can now ably sustain their families without solely depending on their husbands.

In response, Sarah Wekomba said she will continue lobbying for the people of Bulambuli so as to help better their lives. Quite often some leaders have been accused of losing touch with the people they represent; something Wekomba says is dangerous.

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