Government to Register Mt Elgon Park visitors

Government in in the final stages of registering and signing Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with communities neighboring Mt Elgon National Park.

According to Capt John Tugume the Senior Conservation Waden Uganda Wildlife Authority attached to Mt Elgon says the registration is aimed at attaining a sustainable harvest of resources from the National Park.

“we need to know how many people are in the park each day because we have been registering cases of people who go I’m the park and die from there”

Tugume advised people who wish to go for Bamboo, fire wood, honey, medicinal in the park to sign for MoU to avoid harassment and interruption.

Nakayenze Christine the senior Waden in charge of tourism at Uganda Wildlife Authority says Mt Elgon National Park is a potential source income for communities near the park adding that opportunities have not been utilized. She urged leaders to sensitize the communities to tap in the tourism potential by marketing the sites.

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