Nandala commiserates with victims of Bulambuli mudslides

Chairman Bugisu Cooperative Union Nathan Nandala Mafabi commiserated with victims of the mudslides in Bulambuli district that killed scores of people and left many others injured on Tuesday evening following heavy down pour.

“We have again lost our people to mudslides in Bulambuli. I join the relatives to mourn for this great loss of life. As we get more details, I urge those near to help the victims in any small way possible” Nandala posted on his Facebook page.

The Budadiri West Member of Parliament says people near the victims should help them in any small way and asked government to enroll the relocation program.

He is set to visit the victims over the weekend.

John Magomu Maleza, the LC III chairperson Bulaago Sub County, says several people in his area are homeless. He says some of the homes were washed away by the landslides while others had their roofs blown off by heavy winds

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