Im Back Home-Femia Wodada Tells FDC Supports In Siroko.

The former woman member for sironko femia wodada has finally returned to the party,she confirmed this over the weekend while addressing a gathering that had turned up for the FDC consultative meetings organized by the budadiri west  constituency member of parliament Nathan andala mafabi at Kibira primary school in sironko Town council.

wodada also handed over a letter that she received from the FDC headquarters in Najanankumbi allowing her to participate in the FDC politics.

It should also be remembered that femia wodada formally fell out with the forum For Democratic party in the 2016 general election when contested as an independent candidate for the woman member of parliament for sironko having missed out on contesting for the FDC flag prior to the general election.

wadada also explained to the FDC party supporters that she fellow out with the  FDC due to unavoidable situations that had occured between her and the FDC secretariate at the district.

wodada also promised to stay and participate in all the FDC  party activities,she called upon the FDC supporters in sironko to unit for the same cause if they want to  see the party sweep most of seats come 2021.

in a related development the  FDC chairperson for sironko district patrict waniale has called upon FDC candidates to always stick to the party nomatter what the outcomes of primary elections are.

he also revealed to elgonfm that three candidates have showed interest in contesting for the sironko woman member of parliament,wodada femia, Nafuna Phiona banga and beatrice Wamanga and all will be seaved through the coming party primaries.

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