People power leaders in the Bugisu sub-region to defy a ban on the `red beret.

By Weswa Ronnie 

People power political pressure group leaders from the Bugisu sub-region have vowed to defy a government ban on the red beret.

Last week the minister of defense Eli Tumwine confirmed that it’s now illegal in Uganda to get anybody putting on red beret on his or her head because it resembles military police attires.

John Baptist Nambesha coordinator of people power in Elgon sub-region also the Mp representing people of Majiya constituency in Bududa district quashed the ban saying that this signifies government fear to people power pressure group.

According to Nambeshe, the red berets have big difference with that of military police because that of people power have the symbol of Uganda map and of UPDF has a court of arms symbol although they resemble in colure so they see no reason of obeying the ban since they are not breaking any law.

He adds that as people power they have already filed a case against the government for banning one of their symbols illegally yet Uganda is a multiparty state.

Abasa Wetaka of Mbale district people power pressure group also described president Museveni as the worst dictator in the history of Uganda, saying he should also ban yellow beret to prove to the world that his intention is not politically motivated.

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