Leaders From Butaleja Accuse Wessana For Proposing To Turn BCK Into University.

Different leaders from Butaleja district have accused Elley Wessana the Bunyole cultural leaders for coming up with the proposal to make Bukedi college Kachonga Bunyole University.

Last month Wessana told subjects during his swearing-in ceremony that he wants to sell the proposal to the government under the ministry of education and sports about turning Bukedi college Kachonga secondary school into Bunyole university since the school is weakening in terms of performance of students and population every day.

According to Yusufu Mutembule former Mp contestant for Bunyole east constituency in Butaleja district also Democratic Party president eastern region, he disagreed with Wessana saying that Butaleja doesn’t need university for now but need to look solutions which are affecting education standards in both primary and secondary.

He adds that education standards in Butaleja are still poor because most parents don’t want to take their children to school rather taking them to rice gardens for scaring the bird.

Mutembule also says that Wessan would have encouraged parents to take their children to school as a key thing rather than thinking of university.

Moses Nagwomu Nsamba the Mp representing Bunyole east constituency also says that Bukedi collage Kachonga has been down for the last past ten years but currently it’s picking slowly after government, stakeholders and old boys starting to fix challenges like recruiting teachers, renovating structures among other problems the school has been.

He adds that there is no reason for killing the school to put university yet in eastern Uganda they have over ten universities and high school of learning where they can go for studies after secondary level.

Richard Waya the LCV chairperson of Butaleja also welcomed the idea of cultural leader but advised him to not kill the school but just add since the school is having over 100 archers of land which can accommodate the university and school.

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