Sironko MP Nambozo tips Clergy on Wealth Creation

By Ashaba D Ashiraf

Sironko district Woman Member of Parliament Florence Nambozo has urged Christian clergies in Sironko to engage and sensitize their flocks in economic activity that will improve on their household income, the same way they have succeeded in entrenching spirituality.

“Contrary to other developed regions in the country, Sironko has lagged behind because it has lived a situation of under-production and under-consumption. This affects both church and government as the population do not also contribute enough to the church,” Nambozo.

Nambozo was on Saturday speaking at the Thanksgiving conference of the retiring clergies and their spouses in North Mbale Diocese at St’ Luke church of Uganda in Sironko town council She, however, challenged them that though Christianity has spiritually grown more in the country, reinforcing spiritual position should be in consonance with people’s economic welfare that will lead to tremendous development Referring to the Biblical parable of talents in relation to God’s creation of Man, Nambozo said that although God created man mainly for two purposes of multiplying and filling the earth, He also put him in charge of having dominion over nature such as controlling disaster or disease.

She therefore observed that man has only fulfilled the first mission of multiplying. She, therefore, challenged Christians that they should use their God-given talents multiplied through sensitization to enhance the economic wellbeing of their communities.

The Bishop of North Mbale dioceses, Rt. Rev. Bishop Samuel Gidudu thanked Hon Nambozo for the good working collaboration with the Church and for the spiritual support she has always extended to the Christians in the district in, which he noted, is an honour for the church adding that there’s need for the people of Uganda to offer to be missionaries to each other

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