The Situation At Buyobo Health Centre II Worrying

The only health facility in the sub-county operates without a maternal ward, no essential drugs and only two beds which are used for both admissions and deliveries.

It also lacks pit latrines and bathrooms for patients and operates without electricity.  Due to the appalling state of the facility, pregnant mothers are forced to trek long distances of about 10 Kilometres to access treatment at Budadiri Health Center IV and Buwasa Health Centre IV.

Paul Magona, the LCI chairperson of Bumagugaa B village, says they have only one Health Centre II, which cannot deliver mothers and the drugs are always unavailable.  

Emma Gizamba, a resident says they are relying on the services of Village Health Teams-VHTs to get basic treatment. A nurse, who spoke on condition of anonymity appealed to government to improve services at the health centre since it is the only facility in the entire sub-county.

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