Author: Elgon Fm

The Situation At Buyobo Health Centre II Worrying

The only health facility in the sub-county operates without a maternal ward, no essential drugs and only two beds which are used for both admissions and deliveries.

It also lacks pit latrines and bathrooms for patients and operates without electricity.  Due to the appalling state of the facility, pregnant mothers are forced to trek long distances of about 10 Kilometres to access treatment at Budadiri Health Center IV and Buwasa Health Centre IV.

Paul Magona, the LCI chairperson of Bumagugaa B village, says they have only one Health Centre II, which cannot deliver mothers and the drugs are always unavailable.  

Emma Gizamba, a resident says they are relying on the services of Village Health Teams-VHTs to get basic treatment. A nurse, who spoke on condition of anonymity appealed to government to improve services at the health centre since it is the only facility in the entire sub-county.

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Bad roads:- Residents Destroy Bridge.

By:  Weswa Ronnie

Unknown people last night destroyed Kiyaza Bridge along the Buweri-Bumumulo road in Sironko District. 

Janet Nakayenze a resident of Zesui Sub County says that all the culverts holding the bridge were completely destroyed. The Buweri-Bumumulo road is in a poor state and recently some residents protested demanding action by authorities.

Lawrence Wasukila the Councillor representing Zesui Sub County at the District has condemned the destruction of the bridge. Wasukila says despite the road being in a poor state, destroying the bridge was not the best option.

Wasukila says that despite the Sironko District Council setting aside more than 100 million shillings for the rehabilitation of the road this financial year, the engineering department has delayed kick start of the works. Wasukila has threatened to lead residents into a peaceful demonstration if works are not underway by end of this week.

But Hebert Mulekwa the LCV Chairperson for Sironko says the delay in rehabilitating the road is down to the heavy rains which are currently pounding the area.  

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Bishop Warns S.4 Candidates Against Malpractice.

By: Weswa Ronnie

Bishop of North Mbale Diocese Samuel Gidudu has warned senior four candidates against engaging in malpractice and fornication as they start final examinations tomorrow.  

The students will start with physics practical in the morning then Fine Art in the evening.

Bishop Gidudu sounded the warning today while praying and confirming more than 100 senior four students of Masaba Secondary school in Sironko District. Gidudu said that engaging in malpractice is a sin and even leads to cancellation of results which dents one’s future. He also urged the candidates to desist from fornication saying it could lead to early school dropouts and spread of the deadly HIV.

Hussein Wambede the headteacher Masaba secondary school is optimistic about a good performance because the students have been well prepared for the examinations.

Hasifa Mugide and Alan Mwawule are both senior four candidates at Masaba Secondary School. The two have told Elgon FM that highly motivated teachers, discussion groups and an equipped laboratory will steer them to success.

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Leaders From Butaleja Accuse Wessana For Proposing To Turn BCK Into University.

Different leaders from Butaleja district have accused Elley Wessana the Bunyole cultural leaders for coming up with the proposal to make Bukedi college Kachonga Bunyole University.

Last month Wessana told subjects during his swearing-in ceremony that he wants to sell the proposal to the government under the ministry of education and sports about turning Bukedi college Kachonga secondary school into Bunyole university since the school is weakening in terms of performance of students and population every day.

According to Yusufu Mutembule former Mp contestant for Bunyole east constituency in Butaleja district also Democratic Party president eastern region, he disagreed with Wessana saying that Butaleja doesn’t need university for now but need to look solutions which are affecting education standards in both primary and secondary.

He adds that education standards in Butaleja are still poor because most parents don’t want to take their children to school rather taking them to rice gardens for scaring the bird.

Mutembule also says that Wessan would have encouraged parents to take their children to school as a key thing rather than thinking of university.

Moses Nagwomu Nsamba the Mp representing Bunyole east constituency also says that Bukedi collage Kachonga has been down for the last past ten years but currently it’s picking slowly after government, stakeholders and old boys starting to fix challenges like recruiting teachers, renovating structures among other problems the school has been.

He adds that there is no reason for killing the school to put university yet in eastern Uganda they have over ten universities and high school of learning where they can go for studies after secondary level.

Richard Waya the LCV chairperson of Butaleja also welcomed the idea of cultural leader but advised him to not kill the school but just add since the school is having over 100 archers of land which can accommodate the university and school.

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Bukedi College Kachonga Starts Oil Production

By Weswa Ronnie

As a way to boost the income generation of the school and students, students of Bukedi college Kachonga in Butaleja district have started producing cooking oil out of sunflower.

While speaking during the annual general meeting of old boys, Sarah Okumu the head of the school said that they have empowered students with skills on how to produce cooking from sunflowers and using machines they have provided them with.

She adds that the school is having vast land that students are using to grow sunflowers which are tuned into raw material.

Okumu also says that the purpose of coming up with this initiative was that they wanted students to start making money for themselves and the school through producing sun seed cooking the oil out of sunflower such that they don’t disturb parents with asking for small items like pocket money, books pens among others.

John David Kabasa the chairperson of the old boys association at Bukedi collage Kachonga praised students and the school administrator for coming up with such a wonderful idea.

He urged the government to support the students by providing them with more powerful machines such that they can produce cooking oil in large quantities for supply outside Butaleja to earn more revenue and employ more youths.  

Moses Nagwomu Nsamba the legislator of Bunyole east also an old boy of Bukedi college Kachonga promised to access offices of Uganda National burial of standards to confirm their cooking oil and stamp on it such that they can sell their cooking oil National wide to get more money.

He urged other schools to emulate the same program such that students can make money while at school using school land.  

Julius Basoga one of the students expressed his happiness and said that this has helped him to access money to buy scholastic materials like books, pens rather than asking from his parents.

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Sironko Boss Wants a reward For Massive NRM Support.

By: Egonda Emmanuel Anelka

Sironko LCV Chairperson Herbert Mulekwa wants the government to reward them for turning the District into an NRM stronghold.

Mulekwa while addressing a press conference on the 57th National Independence Day Celebrations that will be held in Sironko town on Wednesday this week said they had captured most of the political positions in the District from the opposition.

As a result, Mulekwa said that the ruling NRM government needs to reward them by elevating Sironko Town Council to a Municipality and curving Budadiri District out of Sironko District. Mulekwa says the government also needs to work on the Namagumba, Budadiri, Nalugugu road.

He says that as Sironko hosts the Independence Day Celebrations, it would be good if President Yoweri Museveni pronounced himself on some of these issues.

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Sex Trade:- Prostitutes Hit Sironko Town Ahead of independence day Celebration.

By: Egonda Emmanuel Anelka

Commercial sex workers have reportedly pitched camp in Sironko town as the area prepares to host the 57th National Independence Day Celebrations on Wednesday.

This year’s Independence Celebrations are hinged on the theme ‘Consolidation of “Consolidation of National Unity, Security, Freedom and Prosperity’.

Now Elgon FM understands that Sironko town is a beehive of activities, especially at night with sex workers trying to make ends meet before, during and after the celebrations. James Wetaka a resident of Sironko town council says most of the commercial sex workers position themselves in bars and near guest houses waiting for customers.

Hamuza Wasukira another resident claims that the sex workers are from Mbale, Busia, and Kampala.

Isaac Lulaba the Sironko Resident District Commissioner admits he has received reports of the commercial sex workers but says it is a personal conviction for one to be wary of the deadly HIV scourge through responsible living. Lulaba says if it gets to the worst, condom use should be embraced.

Florence Nambozo Mayoga the Sironko District Woman Member of Parliament says such a high profile function brings together people of all walks of life. Nambozo who is also the Chairperson of Parliament’s Committee on HIV has urged parents to closely monitor their children’s movements at this time. She says the girl children if not properly guarded could lead to unwanted pregnancies and spread of HIV and Hepatitis B.

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People power leaders in the Bugisu sub-region to defy a ban on the `red beret.

By Weswa Ronnie 

People power political pressure group leaders from the Bugisu sub-region have vowed to defy a government ban on the red beret.

Last week the minister of defense Eli Tumwine confirmed that it’s now illegal in Uganda to get anybody putting on red beret on his or her head because it resembles military police attires.

John Baptist Nambesha coordinator of people power in Elgon sub-region also the Mp representing people of Majiya constituency in Bududa district quashed the ban saying that this signifies government fear to people power pressure group.

According to Nambeshe, the red berets have big difference with that of military police because that of people power have the symbol of Uganda map and of UPDF has a court of arms symbol although they resemble in colure so they see no reason of obeying the ban since they are not breaking any law.

He adds that as people power they have already filed a case against the government for banning one of their symbols illegally yet Uganda is a multiparty state.

Abasa Wetaka of Mbale district people power pressure group also described president Museveni as the worst dictator in the history of Uganda, saying he should also ban yellow beret to prove to the world that his intention is not politically motivated.

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Teachers in Mbale unhappy with the president’s proposed salary increments.

By Weswa Ronnie

As teachers in the whole world celebrate international teachers day, teachers of Mbale municipality have expressed their unsatisfaction with the proposed 30.000/= raise to their monthly salaries starting next finical year 2020/21.

They revealed this during their international teacher’s day celebrations held at Eastern region Uganda national teachers union offices located in Senior quarters  Mbale municipality under the theme of young teachers the performance of professionalism.

Christopher Majeme the Mbale municipal chairperson of Uganda national teachers says that 30,000/= is a very small increment basing on the current inflation in the country.

He adds that low payment of teachers in Uganda has been attributed to factors that are leading to the poor performance of children at national examinations in the government schools.

He adds that no teacher can teach with confidence when his or her children are chased for school fees or having finical problems at home.

James Nagimesi also a teacher adds that they appreciate the president for the increment but urged him to meet 100% target that they agreed with him in the last strike.

However Jaka Wamayi the legislator of Mbale municipality also promised to challenge 30,000/= increment on the floor of parliament saying that the money is too little based on the current situation and work which teachers do.

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Independence day: Sironko Residents Want Presidential Emphasis on Roads and Corruption.

By: Egonda Emmanuel Anelka

 A section of residents in the Sironko town council, Sironko District wants President Yoweri Museveni to speak about government plans of improving the road network and the corruption tendencies in their area.

President Yoweri Museveni will preside over the 57th National Independence Day Celebrations at Sironko District Local Government Grounds next week on Wednesday.  Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa is also expected to attend. The celebrations will be held under the theme: “Consolidation of National Unity, Security, Freedom, and Prosperity”

Now a section of Sironko residents has told Elgon FM that the poor roads are a nightmare and government needs to act. They also want action taken against corrupt civil servants at Sironko District who are sabotaging government programs.

Ali Madoi the Councillor representing Buyobo Sub County at Sironko District Local Government says the celebrations should not be politicized. According to Madoi, irrespective of political inclination, people should attend the national event.

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