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Bukedi College Kachonga Starts Oil Production

By Weswa Ronnie

As a way to boost the income generation of the school and students, students of Bukedi college Kachonga in Butaleja district have started producing cooking oil out of sunflower.

While speaking during the annual general meeting of old boys, Sarah Okumu the head of the school said that they have empowered students with skills on how to produce cooking from sunflowers and using machines they have provided them with.

She adds that the school is having vast land that students are using to grow sunflowers which are tuned into raw material.

Okumu also says that the purpose of coming up with this initiative was that they wanted students to start making money for themselves and the school through producing sun seed cooking the oil out of sunflower such that they don’t disturb parents with asking for small items like pocket money, books pens among others.

John David Kabasa the chairperson of the old boys association at Bukedi collage Kachonga praised students and the school administrator for coming up with such a wonderful idea.

He urged the government to support the students by providing them with more powerful machines such that they can produce cooking oil in large quantities for supply outside Butaleja to earn more revenue and employ more youths.  

Moses Nagwomu Nsamba the legislator of Bunyole east also an old boy of Bukedi college Kachonga promised to access offices of Uganda National burial of standards to confirm their cooking oil and stamp on it such that they can sell their cooking oil National wide to get more money.

He urged other schools to emulate the same program such that students can make money while at school using school land.  

Julius Basoga one of the students expressed his happiness and said that this has helped him to access money to buy scholastic materials like books, pens rather than asking from his parents.

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Former Budadiri West MP dumps NRM, Joins opposition

Former Budadiri West Member of Parliament David Livingstone Giruli crossed to the Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) the leading opposition party in Uganda.

Giruli who was defeated by the incumbent Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala-Mafabi twice in 2001 and 2006 general elections says there is no need for him to continue supporting the National Resistance Movement(NRM).

Giruli who was part of the 6th Parliament explains that he decided to leave NRM because he has seen same leaders right from 1986 adding that there is need for change. Giruli urged youths to join the quest for change adding that current systems can not favor them.

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi welcomed Giruli with FDC party card. Nandala appreciated Giruli for seeing what he called light. The FDC Secretary General was engaging his electorates in a consultative meeting at Kibira Primary School in Sironko Town Council. Nandala confirmed that he has welcomed over 80 new members in less than two weeks.

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Sironko Tomatoe Farmers decry low prices

Jane Nadunga a tomato farmer in Butandiga Sub County says because of a bumper harvest, the price of tomatoes has drastically gone down.

Nadunga says they are struggling to raise money to look after their families and pay fees for children at school.

Sandra Gimono a tomato vendor at Nalugugu roadside market says they are currently buying a basin of tomatoes between 2,000 to 3,000 shillings from farmers. Gimono says just last month, basin of tomatoes was buying between 40,000 to 50,000 shillings. She says in the market a basin costs between 4,000 to 5,000 shillings compared to a month back when it went for 60,000 shillings.

The traders’ secretary at Nalugugu market Musa Wamanga wants government to put up tomato processing plants in Sironko District so that farmers have ready market for their produce.

Godfrey Masaba the Sironko District Operation Wealth Creation Officer says they will forward the proposal to government authorities since Sironko is one of the biggest tomatoes growing Districts in Bugisu Sub region.

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Government To Survey Wetlands In Mbale.

By Weswa Ronnie  

The government of Uganda under the ministry of environment and natural resources is planning to survey all wetlands in Mbale district.

speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview, Paul Mafabi the national coordinator of natural wetland management revealed that they are aiming at protecting wetlands because people are currently using them to carry out illegal activities like brick making, farming among others.

the targeted wetlands in Mbale that are to be surveyed are Manafwa wetland located in Busiu Sub County, Namatala wetland in Namabasa Sub County and Nagerima wetland in Nakoloke Sub County.

Charles Wakube the Mbale district environmental officer adds that the exercise starts at Nagerima wetland before the end of September.

He also said that they will first engage Local leaders like LCs and landowners at those wetlands before the survey works.

Ogajjo Baraza the resident district commissioner of Mbale district urged locals to embrace the program confirming that they remain owners of the land.

He also said that the purpose of this survey exercise is to identify the number of wetlands and regulate illegal users which may lead them extinction in the coming few years yet they help to cool the environment, filter water and they are homes of world animals among other uses.

Baraza also said that after the survey, landowners will be advised to use their wetlands in legal activities like fish farming rather than growing crops like rice, sugar canes among others which are none profitable and destroy the wetland.

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Farmers Urged to Embrace Proper Coffee Management Practices.

By: Egonda Emmanuel Anelka

A demonstration garden at the coffee show

An exhibition aimed at improving the quality of coffee in Elgon region was held yesterday in Buginyanya Sub County, Bulambuli District with a call on better coffee management practices by farmers.

The exhibition was held at Buginyanya Primary School and organized by Cafe Africa, a secretariat to the national coffee steering committee which is chaired by Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA).  The Exhibition was held under the theme: ‘Renovate and Rehabilitate your Coffee, Every Tree Counts.’

Moses Mugume an official with Cafe Africa says the exhibitions dubbed ‘Coffee Shows’ bring together stakeholders in the coffee sector with the aim of creating awareness on the proper coffee management practises. Mugume says the coffee shows are held in all the coffee growing regions in Uganda and they target 30 Districts.

Mike Maliro the UCDA Regional Manager says that once farmers acquire skills in better coffee management, there will be increased productivity which will boost their income at household level.

Sarah Wekomba the Bulambuli District Woman Member of Parliament who was chief guest at the coffee show urged farmers to embrace good coffee practices with the knowledge they have acquired.

MP Sarah Wekomba Inspecting the demonstration gardens

Michael Wandeba Sirikye a coffee farmer from Masira Sub County who attended the coffee show is optimistic that his yields will go up once they practise the knowledge they have attained.

Bulambuli Residents who attended the Coffee show
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Microchips For Bulambuli Cattle.

Bulambuli district has been battling cattle thefts by suspected Karamojongs rustlers who enter the district through Sebei region. The cattle thefts have intensified since last year leaving livestock farmers in tears. 

This has prompted district authorities to advise farmers to brand their animals and install them with microchips for easy tracking in case of thefts.

John Wanade, the Bulambuli District Commercial Officer, says although the military detaches at Kata bordering Bunambutye and Kapchorwa district has helped to curtail the thefts, they need a permanent solution. He says the use of the microchips will help them eliminate animal thefts since they will be able to track their whereabouts.

Peter Paack Pax, the Bulambuli Resident District Commissioner, says branding the animals with micro-chips will make tracking easy.  According to Pax, the council has already approved the move to brand cattle in the district.  

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MCU: Election dates for Mbale societies Confirmed.

Registra of Cooperative societies have confirmed Election dates in 15 primary societies affiliated to Masaba Cooperative Union(MCU).

Mr. Joseph William Kitandwe the registra of Cooperative societies under the Ministry of trade and industry confirmed in the notice addressed to all members Secretary managers of the 15 primary societies affiliated to MCU in Mbale district.

In the letter seen by Elgon fm, Kitandwe invites all member of MCU for a special general meetings from 22rd to 26th of July 2019 at respective society headquarters and among the items on the agenda is election of committee members.

The 15 primary societies affiliated to MCU in Mbale are Bunambutye, Bumasikye, Namawanga, Matsemo, Sangilila, Rhamba Shifubi, Aisa, Namataala, Makhai, Masikye, Kyesemulila, Shitoto, Lwangoli, Lima-Mushili, and Khatwelatwela growers Cooperative society.

Sub regulation 21(4) of the Cooperative societies regulations of 1992 provides for special general meeting at primary level to streamline the leadership question.

Moses Wambogo the aspirant for Chairman board MCU acknowledged the receipt of the the road map applauding the registra of cooperatives for quick reaction to their demands for special general meetings.

Wambogo says farmers are ready to entrust their committed colleagues in the struggle to save the union.

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Bubyangu Farmers Trained On Coffee Management

Coffee farmers in Bubyangu Sub County in Mbale district have successfully finished a three weeks training in coffee rehabilitation.

Simon Mutambo the agricultural officer of Bubyangu Sub County says that they trained coffee farmers on how to dry and store coffee in a clean place to improve on the quality such that they can attract good prices.

He also said that the current low price of coffee has come as a result of poor handling of coffee right from picking in the garden to middle men due to its  low  quality  making it to be bought  cheaply.

Mutambo also said that farmers were given skills and knowledge on how to pick coffee berry, how to wash after formatting, drying them on a mat in a clean place among others

Abudu Busito the LCIII chairperson of Bubyangu Sub County also urged farmers to put in practise the skills they have acquired such that they can improve on coffee quality in Bugisu sub region.

He also confirmed that after the training they donated items like CAN fertilizer and chemicals to coffee farmers as a sub county.

Muzamilu Wazama one of the farmers who benefited from the training expressed his happiness and says that this is going to help them to improve on coffee quality after improving on hygiene during drying as trained.

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Sironko coffee farmers asked to embrace “Original” farming methods.

Coffee farmers in sironko have been advised to desist from using modern farming methods which are affecting coffee production. Speaking during the meeting organized by Sironko District agricultural department in Budadiri recently, Sironko District Member of Parliament Nambozo Florence Mayoga urged coffee farmers to reconsider original coffee farming methods for timely production.

Nambozo said farmers need to grow coffee that will entice the coffee market adding that farmers need to preserve coffee seeds before planting.

Nambozo also encouraged coffee farmers, especially those with old plantations to consider pruning for better yields explaining that due to the unique terrain of Elgon region, farmers should consider farming methods like mulching, digging trenches among others.

The district agricultural department of sironko headed by Ms. Janet Nafuye welcomed the advise from the MP and tasked themselves to live the advise saying it will improve on productivity if implemented

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Sironko MP Wants Government to Set Up Demonstration Farms per Sub County

Florence Nambozo Mayoga the Sironko District Woman Member of Parliament wants government to set up demonstration farms at Sub County level.

Nambozo says if demonstration farms are set up at Sub County levels, it will be easy for farmers to acquire expert training from Sub County extension workers on better methods of farming. She says many farmers lack knowledge on good farming practises which affects their productivity.

Janet Nafiye the agricultural officer for Sironko District welcomes the proposal by MP Nambozo saying the limited funds allocated to the agriculture department cannot enable the opening of such farms at Sub County level.

Nafiye says there is one demonstration farm in the entire District at Mutufu government prison. 

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