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Sironko Residents Demonstrate over poor state of road.

LCI Chairpersons in Zesui Sub County on Wednesday mobilized residents and vendors at Kipande market to peacefully demonstrate over the poor state of the Buweri-Zesui road.

Stephen Madanda the LCI Chairperson for Bumuniasi village in Bulujewa parish says they had no option but to mobilize residents to plant banana suckers on the impassable road. Madanda says they have often reminded the District Authorities about the state of the road in vain.

Michael Wasukila the LCI chairperson Lugonge village says transportation of agricultural products like onions, cabbage and passion fruits to markets in Mbale and Sironko town is now a challenge.

Wilson Mandela a resident of Zesui Sub County says will continue demonstrating peacefully until the Sironko Distroct Authorities start works on the road.

David Gizamba the Chairperson Kipande market says the market dues collected are also inadequate since the number of farmers transporting their food to the facility has gone down.

But Hebert Mulekwa the LCV chairperson for Sironko calls for calm saying the rains currently pounding the area have delayed kick start of works on the road.

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Sironko Tomatoe Farmers decry low prices

Jane Nadunga a tomato farmer in Butandiga Sub County says because of a bumper harvest, the price of tomatoes has drastically gone down.

Nadunga says they are struggling to raise money to look after their families and pay fees for children at school.

Sandra Gimono a tomato vendor at Nalugugu roadside market says they are currently buying a basin of tomatoes between 2,000 to 3,000 shillings from farmers. Gimono says just last month, basin of tomatoes was buying between 40,000 to 50,000 shillings. She says in the market a basin costs between 4,000 to 5,000 shillings compared to a month back when it went for 60,000 shillings.

The traders’ secretary at Nalugugu market Musa Wamanga wants government to put up tomato processing plants in Sironko District so that farmers have ready market for their produce.

Godfrey Masaba the Sironko District Operation Wealth Creation Officer says they will forward the proposal to government authorities since Sironko is one of the biggest tomatoes growing Districts in Bugisu Sub region.

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Farmers Urged to Embrace Proper Coffee Management Practices.

By: Egonda Emmanuel Anelka

A demonstration garden at the coffee show

An exhibition aimed at improving the quality of coffee in Elgon region was held yesterday in Buginyanya Sub County, Bulambuli District with a call on better coffee management practices by farmers.

The exhibition was held at Buginyanya Primary School and organized by Cafe Africa, a secretariat to the national coffee steering committee which is chaired by Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA).  The Exhibition was held under the theme: ‘Renovate and Rehabilitate your Coffee, Every Tree Counts.’

Moses Mugume an official with Cafe Africa says the exhibitions dubbed ‘Coffee Shows’ bring together stakeholders in the coffee sector with the aim of creating awareness on the proper coffee management practises. Mugume says the coffee shows are held in all the coffee growing regions in Uganda and they target 30 Districts.

Mike Maliro the UCDA Regional Manager says that once farmers acquire skills in better coffee management, there will be increased productivity which will boost their income at household level.

Sarah Wekomba the Bulambuli District Woman Member of Parliament who was chief guest at the coffee show urged farmers to embrace good coffee practices with the knowledge they have acquired.

MP Sarah Wekomba Inspecting the demonstration gardens

Michael Wandeba Sirikye a coffee farmer from Masira Sub County who attended the coffee show is optimistic that his yields will go up once they practise the knowledge they have attained.

Bulambuli Residents who attended the Coffee show
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Microchips For Bulambuli Cattle.

Bulambuli district has been battling cattle thefts by suspected Karamojongs rustlers who enter the district through Sebei region. The cattle thefts have intensified since last year leaving livestock farmers in tears. 

This has prompted district authorities to advise farmers to brand their animals and install them with microchips for easy tracking in case of thefts.

John Wanade, the Bulambuli District Commercial Officer, says although the military detaches at Kata bordering Bunambutye and Kapchorwa district has helped to curtail the thefts, they need a permanent solution. He says the use of the microchips will help them eliminate animal thefts since they will be able to track their whereabouts.

Peter Paack Pax, the Bulambuli Resident District Commissioner, says branding the animals with micro-chips will make tracking easy.  According to Pax, the council has already approved the move to brand cattle in the district.  

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Mbale Municipal Council To Engage LCIs In Local Revenue collection.

By Weswa Ronnie 

As a way to boost local revenue at the Industrial division in Mbale Municipality, Khariet Wabule the senior assistant town clerk has revealed that they are going to involving local council one of the respective cells in the collection.

While speaking to LCIs from different cells at the division offices this morning, Wabule says that in the last financial year of 2018/19 the division passed a budget of 2.6 billion shillings but they managed to collect only 890 million shillings.

She adds that what led them to collect less than what they expected is that most business owners absconded tax because tax collection officers were unable to identify their business and the presidential pronouncement of stopping taxi and Boda Boda operators from paying tax.

Charles Wafula the LCIII chairperson of Industrial division said that less collection of local revenue has affected service delivery like opening roads, installing security lights, paying workers, rubbish collection and paying allowances to councilors, for now, five months.

Musa Kasaja the chairperson of revenue collection adds that they have asked all LCIs from their respective cells to register all business operators such that division tax collectors will be guided by them during tax assessment and collection time.

Samuel Mutende the LCI chairperson of Masaba cell welcomed the idea urging all his colleagues to welcome the plan such that they can boost local revenue which will make them earn their 25% as the law requires developing their cells.

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Bumasilkye sub-county gets 10m fundraising boost

More than 10 million shillings was on Saturday raised at a fundraising aimed at completing Bumasikye Sub County Offices in Muwanda village, Mbale District.

The Sub County authorities have been operating in a rented structure which belongs to a cooperative society. The structure’s roof was recently blown away by rains that pounded the area. This called for completion of new Sub County offices hence the need for the fundraising.

Speaking at the fundraising, Trade Minister State Minister Werikhe also the Bungokho South MP underscored the need for leaders at various levels to put their energies in lobbying for services for the people they represent. Werikhe said that many leaders often engage in politicking at the wrong time. He said this leaves many people languishing in abject poverty.

Dennis Washirekho the Bumasikye Sub County LCIII Chairperson said they have completion of the Sub County offices will save them from rent fees they have been incurring on a monthly basis.

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IGG declines to Investigate Bugishu Cooperative Union

The Inspector General of Government Irene Mulyagonja has declined to
investigate Bugisu Cooperative Union-BCU.

In February 2019 the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga asked the
IGG to investigate allegations of corruption against the leadership of
BCU. Kadaga’s request came after some members of BCU petitioned
parliament in December 2018 accusing Budadiri West legislator Nathan
Nandala Mafabi and other leaders in the union for allegedly embezzling
1.129 billion shillings that was compensated to the union by the
government in 2015.

In 2010, government suspended the BCU board on allegations that it had
falsified the books of accounts. A committee was instituted to

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Nandala wants Works Ministry to Construct Bugibuni-Mutufu Road

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi wants the
Works Ministry to prioritise the construction of the Bugibuni-Mutufu
Bridge in Buyobo Sub County, Sironko District

Nandala in a letter dated 20th March, 2019 to the Works Minister says
he is aware of a plan to do selective bridges in Sironko District.
According to Nandala, the Bugibuni-Mutufu Bridge is a critical bridge
that will help Namagumba-Budadiri road.
Nandala also says the bridge will also help in interconnecting the
District. The letter is also copied to the Permanent Secretary,
Ministry of Works and Transport, Chairman LCV, Sironko District,
Chairman LCIII, Buyobo Sub County and the Chairman LCIII, Buhugu Sub

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Sub county Boss on spot Over Theft Of OWC Cow

By Weswa Ronnie.

Sironko-Police in Sironko district is investigating circumstances under which an operation wealth creation’s cow was sold by one Rogers wadoba, it also said that preliminary investigations show that the Lc iii chairperson laban wanyala could have connived with the farmer to sell off the cow.

Godfrey Masaba the operation wealth officer Sironko district who led the operation with police said that the operation follows a tip off which were submitted to his office last week, that Wadoba has connived with Wanyala and has sold an animal which was distributed last month at sub county level.

He adds that this forced him to alert the office of the RDC which instructed police to work in hand with him to arrest this culprit and recover the animal.

Masaba said that during the operation they discovered the animal from a different person’s place identified only as Gambwa from Kinyego village but he had disappeared, they, therefore, recovered the animals and arrested the two to help with investigations.Masaba-on-theft-of-cowDownload

However Labani  Wanyala the LCIII chairperson of Masaba sub county refutes allegations saying he has never connived with  Wandoba to sell government animals.

He adds that Wandoba was given the animals while he was not having a crawl which forced him to take the animal to Gambwa his neighbor to keep who already had a crawl as he prepares to make his.wanyala laban on owc cowDownload

The Police officer who was in charge during the operation who preferred anonymity confirmed the arrest and said that investigations into the matter are ongoing and after the two will be taken to court and will be charged with theft.

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