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Government asked to enroll Sironko teachers on Hard to teacher allowances.

Sironko district Woman Member of Parliament Florence Nambozo wants government through the ministry of education and sports to enroll teachers in the hard to reach areas of Sionko District to get allowances as a way of motivation and improve their standards of living and results.

Nambozo explains that teachers play a big role in every learner’s life because after parents, the biggest impact on a child’s success comes from the man or woman at the front of the classroom noting that yet teachers in hard to reach areas of sironko have no transport facilitation yet they are not provided with housing.

Nambozo made the call today while addressing teachers in sironko district as they celebrated world teacher’s day at Mutufu pimary school under the theme: “the future of the profession”.

“Its is so well known that teaching is a noble profession and has been highly respected across generations. It is and always was a very prestigious and respectful profession, that in Uganda if you are known as “Musomesa” you are held in high esteem.” Nambozo revealed.

According to Nambozo Some of the most affected and hard to reach areas that should be considered in Sionko include the sub counties of Zesui, Masaba, Bugitimwa, Elgon, Bukyabo, Butadinga, Buwalasi, Dahami and Bubeza

Every year, Uganda joins the rest of the world to celebrate world teacher’s day to mobilize support for teachers and ensure needs of future generation will be met by teachers

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Pupils at Mahadi Islamic To Enjoy Clean Water Soon.

Sironko District Woman Parliamentary seat aspirant Asha Nabulo Mafabi has pledged to construct a borehole at Mahadi Islamic Primary School in Buteza Sub County so as to provide safe water to pupils and the community.

Nabulo made the pledge during a recent visit to the school where she engaged in a fundraising drive for the construction of classroom blocks. According to Nabulo access to clean water is a right to every person so as to avert any outbreak of water borne diseases.

She said the fact that pupils trek long distances in search of water, it affects their academic performance in the long run. Nabulo also said that she will offer material and financial support to schools in a bid to improve learning conditions for children.

Nabulo arsha mafabi and Wodada femia

Nabulo(NRM) will battle Florence Nambozo Mayoga(NRM and incumbent), Femiar Wadada(FDC), Robinah Wamanga(FDC), Phiona Banga(FDC), Eve Kayegi(Independent), Hilda Nadunga(NRM) for the Sironko District Woman Parliamentary slot in 2021.

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Consult PWDs During Implementation of Development programs

By Rashid Musoke Lufutu

Manafwa -Deputy Resident District Commissioner Gilbert Okwi wants Persons Living with Disability (PWDs) to be consulted during the implementation of development projects.

Gilbert Okwi the deputy Resident District Commissioner Manafwa district has made a plea to members of the society to shun under looking Persons Living with Disabilities- PWDs during implementation of development projects so as to collectively achieve the Sustainable development target set by the government of Uganda, of eliminating poverty before 2030.

While appearing as the chief guest during the financial inclusion project workshop organised by Opportunity Bank Uganda for Leaders of PWDs groups at the Red Cross main hall in Manafwa district yesterday, the RDC implored the participants to value the existence of PWDs adding that disability is not inability. He says most of the PWDs are good workers, good opinion givers and are also talented in various forms.

Robert Igalo the project manager of Opportunity Bank Uganda Limited in charge of mainstreaming financial inclusion for PWDs in Uganda says their aim is to provide equal needs to PWDs, enhancing PWDs groups to form Saving and Credit Coperatives and to also enjoy their banking services of free saving and Low interest loans so as to transform the lives of the local People who are Living with disabilities.

He revealed the program is rolling in four districts namely; Iganga, Mbale/Manafwa, Soroti and Lira.

Godfrey Walukhu the Chairperson of Persons Living with Disabilities for Manafwa and Namisindwa districts promised to share the knowledge acquired to the rest of the PWDs so that they can embrace a savings culture.


According to information obtained by our reporter, Opportunity bank Uganda is collaborating with National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU), the Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda (AMFIU), and Chesire Services Uganda (CSU) to conduct elections of district Council of Reference (COR). The COR comprises of ten co-opted male and female members of local DiPUs and Isave group representatives of persons with disabilities. The elected committee will be meeting quarterly to deliberate, share experiences, challenges, solutions and wayforwads regarding mainstreaming financial inclusion for persons with disabilities in Uganda.

The members who were elected to run the COR for Manafwa District are; Murefu Michael (Chairperson), Nambuya Merab (Secretary), Josephine (Vice Chairperson), Wetaka Safani (Publicity), Wamasembo Wilberforce (Welfare), Namakhonge Sam (Member), Wakooli Norah (Member),  Muyama Janet (Member), Wakwabubi James (Member) And Kakala Aramanzan.

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Farmers Urged to Embrace Proper Coffee Management Practices.

By: Egonda Emmanuel Anelka

A demonstration garden at the coffee show

An exhibition aimed at improving the quality of coffee in Elgon region was held yesterday in Buginyanya Sub County, Bulambuli District with a call on better coffee management practices by farmers.

The exhibition was held at Buginyanya Primary School and organized by Cafe Africa, a secretariat to the national coffee steering committee which is chaired by Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA).  The Exhibition was held under the theme: ‘Renovate and Rehabilitate your Coffee, Every Tree Counts.’

Moses Mugume an official with Cafe Africa says the exhibitions dubbed ‘Coffee Shows’ bring together stakeholders in the coffee sector with the aim of creating awareness on the proper coffee management practises. Mugume says the coffee shows are held in all the coffee growing regions in Uganda and they target 30 Districts.

Mike Maliro the UCDA Regional Manager says that once farmers acquire skills in better coffee management, there will be increased productivity which will boost their income at household level.

Sarah Wekomba the Bulambuli District Woman Member of Parliament who was chief guest at the coffee show urged farmers to embrace good coffee practices with the knowledge they have acquired.

MP Sarah Wekomba Inspecting the demonstration gardens

Michael Wandeba Sirikye a coffee farmer from Masira Sub County who attended the coffee show is optimistic that his yields will go up once they practise the knowledge they have attained.

Bulambuli Residents who attended the Coffee show
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Regional Khadi Warms Muslim Men Against Domestic Violence

By: Egonda Emmanuel Anelka& Weswa Ronnie

Dr Ahmed Wandega the Eastern Regional Khadi has warned men against orchestrating acts of domestic violence.

Sheikh Wandega made the appeal yesterday while leading Eid Al Adha prayers at Muyembe Mosque in Bulambuli Town Council in Bulambuli District yesterday. Wandega said that some men were still engaged in wife-beating; a practise that is outdated and cannot be tolerated in modern society.

Bulambuli District Woman Member of Parliament Sarah Wekomba who attended the prayers condemned domestic violence saying it retards development at the household level.  She urged women to form groups so as to benefit from government programmes.

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Christians Aught To Support Church Developments

Christians in Sironko District have been urged to embrace development-oriented programs in churches.

This call was made by Asha Nabulo Mafabi who intends to vie for the Sironko District Woman Parliamentary seat in the 2021 general elections. Nabulo was addressing Christians at confirmation and fundraising for Bumasifwa Church of Uganda in Legenya Sub County yesterday.

According to Nabulo, embracing development programs helps in the spiritual, economic and social transformation of Christians.

On the fundraising, 2.5million shillings was raised at a function also attended by North Mbale Diocese Rt. Reverend Samuel Gidudu. Bishop Gidudu said the money will be put towards the construction of a new Cathedral at North Mbale Diocese headquarters in Buhugu Sub County.

Bishop Gidudu said that the construction of the cathedral requires up to four ( 4 )billion shillings.  He asked Christians to contribute to the cause.

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MCU: Election dates for Mbale societies Confirmed.

Registra of Cooperative societies have confirmed Election dates in 15 primary societies affiliated to Masaba Cooperative Union(MCU).

Mr. Joseph William Kitandwe the registra of Cooperative societies under the Ministry of trade and industry confirmed in the notice addressed to all members Secretary managers of the 15 primary societies affiliated to MCU in Mbale district.

In the letter seen by Elgon fm, Kitandwe invites all member of MCU for a special general meetings from 22rd to 26th of July 2019 at respective society headquarters and among the items on the agenda is election of committee members.

The 15 primary societies affiliated to MCU in Mbale are Bunambutye, Bumasikye, Namawanga, Matsemo, Sangilila, Rhamba Shifubi, Aisa, Namataala, Makhai, Masikye, Kyesemulila, Shitoto, Lwangoli, Lima-Mushili, and Khatwelatwela growers Cooperative society.

Sub regulation 21(4) of the Cooperative societies regulations of 1992 provides for special general meeting at primary level to streamline the leadership question.

Moses Wambogo the aspirant for Chairman board MCU acknowledged the receipt of the the road map applauding the registra of cooperatives for quick reaction to their demands for special general meetings.

Wambogo says farmers are ready to entrust their committed colleagues in the struggle to save the union.

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Sironko Woman MP urge sub county chairpersons to be transparent for development to thrive

Sironko district Woman Member of Parliament Hon. Florence Nambozo has urged sub county chairpersons to take an extra step from their core roles if development in the district of sironko is to be realized.

Hon. Nambozo while speaking to all the sub county chairpersons in sironko district today she also urged them to be open and transparent in abid to achieve the desired development and growth that sironko needs, adding that sironko as district should be nurtured as a model for development for others to learn from in the region.

“we have had a meeting involving all sub county chairpersons in sironko Aimed at discussing development of sironko and to know where we are and where we want to be.” Nambozo said.

Wemesa Richard the sub county chairperson of Zesui said while in the meeting with the Woman MP, that the chairpersons have agreed to meet quarterly to track progress & also advise each other on how to handle certain development issues in sironko district.

While in meeting, the chairpersons also shared some of the challenges affecting the district especially in the health sector where is drug stock out in most of the health centres in the district health facilities. Other challenges include piped water connections and Education sector.

In her response Hon. Nambozo promised to task the technical people to explain why the health centers in sironko are not functioning to people’s expectations.

Hon. Nambozo also pledged to lobby for water connection in the sub counties where there is no piped Adding that  She has also started talks with the ministry of education to construct secondary schools In sub counties that are lacking because it’s a government plan to have a secondary school in every Sub county

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Sironko MP Wants Government to Set Up Demonstration Farms per Sub County

Florence Nambozo Mayoga the Sironko District Woman Member of Parliament wants government to set up demonstration farms at Sub County level.

Nambozo says if demonstration farms are set up at Sub County levels, it will be easy for farmers to acquire expert training from Sub County extension workers on better methods of farming. She says many farmers lack knowledge on good farming practises which affects their productivity.

Janet Nafiye the agricultural officer for Sironko District welcomes the proposal by MP Nambozo saying the limited funds allocated to the agriculture department cannot enable the opening of such farms at Sub County level.

Nafiye says there is one demonstration farm in the entire District at Mutufu government prison. 

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War Against Poverty: Elgon Fm Unveils SACCO Executive.

SACCO members line to elect their chairperson

In a bid to eradicate household poverty, Elgon Fmradio staffs and listeners agreed to start a community savings and credit cooperative association. Speaking during the SACCO’s first special meeting last Thursday held at Elgon fm premise in Mbale town, the interim chairman Paul Kapewo said the idea of forming a SACCO is aimed at bridging the gap between the station staff and listeners.

some of the members who were present

He explains that the SACCO will among other providing quick loan services and instill a saving culture among members. Kapewo revealed that association has over 200 members from all the six districts of Bugisu. He adds that registration of new members is ongoing at a fee of 10,000 with a weekly savings of 2000 and shares are sold at 20,000 per share.

SACCO members from Mbale district

The Area General Manager of Elgon FM Madam Jessica Muduwa who was also the chief guest urged members to embrace the idea adding that unity is the engine of development. She said leaders should welcome and support the SACCO and further asked members to be honest, accountable and transparent.

SACCO Members from Sironko district

Other executive Members unveiled included Weduku Dan as the Vice Chairman, Head of radio agents Aggry Wakameli was elected as treasurer, Abed Mwima was elected as the mouthpiece, Elgon Fm accountant Sandra Namukhula was elected as general secretary and deputized by Nasina Wilson.

Elgon fm staff memebers

Other members to the executive included, Wakhooli Yunus from Bududa, who will be in charge of defense, and the coordinators to the SACCO are: Jessica Muduwa for Mbale city, Wetaka Robert for Bulambuli district,

Francis Mwambu for Sironko lower and Gizamba Morris for Sironko u pper, Mutwalibi Kigere commonly known as Nafada for Mbale district, Hashim Busikwa for Bududa, and Namalenya Brian for Namisindwa/Manafwa.

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