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Bishop Warns S.4 Candidates Against Malpractice.

By: Weswa Ronnie

Bishop of North Mbale Diocese Samuel Gidudu has warned senior four candidates against engaging in malpractice and fornication as they start final examinations tomorrow.  

The students will start with physics practical in the morning then Fine Art in the evening.

Bishop Gidudu sounded the warning today while praying and confirming more than 100 senior four students of Masaba Secondary school in Sironko District. Gidudu said that engaging in malpractice is a sin and even leads to cancellation of results which dents one’s future. He also urged the candidates to desist from fornication saying it could lead to early school dropouts and spread of the deadly HIV.

Hussein Wambede the headteacher Masaba secondary school is optimistic about a good performance because the students have been well prepared for the examinations.

Hasifa Mugide and Alan Mwawule are both senior four candidates at Masaba Secondary School. The two have told Elgon FM that highly motivated teachers, discussion groups and an equipped laboratory will steer them to success.

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Leaders From Butaleja Accuse Wessana For Proposing To Turn BCK Into University.

Different leaders from Butaleja district have accused Elley Wessana the Bunyole cultural leaders for coming up with the proposal to make Bukedi college Kachonga Bunyole University.

Last month Wessana told subjects during his swearing-in ceremony that he wants to sell the proposal to the government under the ministry of education and sports about turning Bukedi college Kachonga secondary school into Bunyole university since the school is weakening in terms of performance of students and population every day.

According to Yusufu Mutembule former Mp contestant for Bunyole east constituency in Butaleja district also Democratic Party president eastern region, he disagreed with Wessana saying that Butaleja doesn’t need university for now but need to look solutions which are affecting education standards in both primary and secondary.

He adds that education standards in Butaleja are still poor because most parents don’t want to take their children to school rather taking them to rice gardens for scaring the bird.

Mutembule also says that Wessan would have encouraged parents to take their children to school as a key thing rather than thinking of university.

Moses Nagwomu Nsamba the Mp representing Bunyole east constituency also says that Bukedi collage Kachonga has been down for the last past ten years but currently it’s picking slowly after government, stakeholders and old boys starting to fix challenges like recruiting teachers, renovating structures among other problems the school has been.

He adds that there is no reason for killing the school to put university yet in eastern Uganda they have over ten universities and high school of learning where they can go for studies after secondary level.

Richard Waya the LCV chairperson of Butaleja also welcomed the idea of cultural leader but advised him to not kill the school but just add since the school is having over 100 archers of land which can accommodate the university and school.

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Bukedi College Kachonga Starts Oil Production

By Weswa Ronnie

As a way to boost the income generation of the school and students, students of Bukedi college Kachonga in Butaleja district have started producing cooking oil out of sunflower.

While speaking during the annual general meeting of old boys, Sarah Okumu the head of the school said that they have empowered students with skills on how to produce cooking from sunflowers and using machines they have provided them with.

She adds that the school is having vast land that students are using to grow sunflowers which are tuned into raw material.

Okumu also says that the purpose of coming up with this initiative was that they wanted students to start making money for themselves and the school through producing sun seed cooking the oil out of sunflower such that they don’t disturb parents with asking for small items like pocket money, books pens among others.

John David Kabasa the chairperson of the old boys association at Bukedi collage Kachonga praised students and the school administrator for coming up with such a wonderful idea.

He urged the government to support the students by providing them with more powerful machines such that they can produce cooking oil in large quantities for supply outside Butaleja to earn more revenue and employ more youths.  

Moses Nagwomu Nsamba the legislator of Bunyole east also an old boy of Bukedi college Kachonga promised to access offices of Uganda National burial of standards to confirm their cooking oil and stamp on it such that they can sell their cooking oil National wide to get more money.

He urged other schools to emulate the same program such that students can make money while at school using school land.  

Julius Basoga one of the students expressed his happiness and said that this has helped him to access money to buy scholastic materials like books, pens rather than asking from his parents.

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Teachers in Mbale unhappy with the president’s proposed salary increments.

By Weswa Ronnie

As teachers in the whole world celebrate international teachers day, teachers of Mbale municipality have expressed their unsatisfaction with the proposed 30.000/= raise to their monthly salaries starting next finical year 2020/21.

They revealed this during their international teacher’s day celebrations held at Eastern region Uganda national teachers union offices located in Senior quarters  Mbale municipality under the theme of young teachers the performance of professionalism.

Christopher Majeme the Mbale municipal chairperson of Uganda national teachers says that 30,000/= is a very small increment basing on the current inflation in the country.

He adds that low payment of teachers in Uganda has been attributed to factors that are leading to the poor performance of children at national examinations in the government schools.

He adds that no teacher can teach with confidence when his or her children are chased for school fees or having finical problems at home.

James Nagimesi also a teacher adds that they appreciate the president for the increment but urged him to meet 100% target that they agreed with him in the last strike.

However Jaka Wamayi the legislator of Mbale municipality also promised to challenge 30,000/= increment on the floor of parliament saying that the money is too little based on the current situation and work which teachers do.

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Government asked to enroll Sironko teachers on Hard to teacher allowances.

Sironko district Woman Member of Parliament Florence Nambozo wants government through the ministry of education and sports to enroll teachers in the hard to reach areas of Sionko District to get allowances as a way of motivation and improve their standards of living and results.

Nambozo explains that teachers play a big role in every learner’s life because after parents, the biggest impact on a child’s success comes from the man or woman at the front of the classroom noting that yet teachers in hard to reach areas of sironko have no transport facilitation yet they are not provided with housing.

Nambozo made the call today while addressing teachers in sironko district as they celebrated world teacher’s day at Mutufu pimary school under the theme: “the future of the profession”.

“Its is so well known that teaching is a noble profession and has been highly respected across generations. It is and always was a very prestigious and respectful profession, that in Uganda if you are known as “Musomesa” you are held in high esteem.” Nambozo revealed.

According to Nambozo Some of the most affected and hard to reach areas that should be considered in Sionko include the sub counties of Zesui, Masaba, Bugitimwa, Elgon, Bukyabo, Butadinga, Buwalasi, Dahami and Bubeza

Every year, Uganda joins the rest of the world to celebrate world teacher’s day to mobilize support for teachers and ensure needs of future generation will be met by teachers

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Parents: Government-aided Schools In Appalling State Need Attention.

By: Weswa Ronnie

As Sironko hosts the 57th National Independence Celebrations this year, parents want the government to commit itself towards the construction of better structures in the primary schools.

The schools include Nabodi Primary School(Zesui Sub County), Bumatofu Primary School(Buhugu Sub County), Bumasifwa Primary School(Bumasifwa Sub County) and Bumadibira Primary School in Bunyafa Sub County. The schools have inadequate or no permanent class room structures.

Christopher Wadidi, the chairperson school management committee at Bumadibira Primary school says that with a population of more than 500 pupils from primary one to seven, the school has only four permanent classrooms. The remaining structures are temporally and in a dilapidated state.

Alice Alupo the headteacher Bumadibira primary school says that because of the dilapidated structures, the pupils’ number has kept on reducing every term. She says despite notifying the Sub County and District authorities, no action has been taken.

Wilson Nasina the headteacher Nabondi primary school wants the government to consider schools in such a state for hard to reach funding.

Eve Kayegi an aspirant for the Sironko Woman Parliamentary seat donated mathematical sets to the primary seven candidates in the affected schools. Kayegi urged District leaders to notify President Yoweri Museveni about the plight of the schools for action. She also called for responsible parenting so as to have academically upright children.

Moses Nambale the Sironko District Education Officer declined to comment on the matter

This year’s independence day celebrations will be held in the Sironko town council come 9th October this year under the theme ”Consolidation of National Unity, Security, Freedom, and Prosperity ”.

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Arsha To UNEB Candidates-Remain United For Success.

Asha Nabulo Mafabi an aspirant for the Sironko District Woman Parliamentary seat has urged children preparing for National examinations to remain united if they are to succeed.

Nabulo made the call while addressing pupils of Elgon Junior Christian School in Mutufu over the weekend.

She said that when united, children are able to engage in meaningful discussion/revision groups which make them understand the various concepts they are given in class. Nabulo urged the children preparing for Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) to be positive and desist from engaging in malpractice.

A total of 695,468 candidates have been registered to sit this years’ Primary Leaving Examinations. The examinations will be held on 2nd and 3rd November.

Nabulo (NRM) will take on incumbent Florence Nambozo Mayoga(NRM), Hilda Nadunga(NRM), Robinah Wamanga(FDC), Phiona Banga(FDC), Femiar Wadada(FDC) and Eva Kayegi(Independent) for the Sironko District Woman Parliamentary seat in 2021.

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Pupils at Mahadi Islamic To Enjoy Clean Water Soon.

Sironko District Woman Parliamentary seat aspirant Asha Nabulo Mafabi has pledged to construct a borehole at Mahadi Islamic Primary School in Buteza Sub County so as to provide safe water to pupils and the community.

Nabulo made the pledge during a recent visit to the school where she engaged in a fundraising drive for the construction of classroom blocks. According to Nabulo access to clean water is a right to every person so as to avert any outbreak of water borne diseases.

She said the fact that pupils trek long distances in search of water, it affects their academic performance in the long run. Nabulo also said that she will offer material and financial support to schools in a bid to improve learning conditions for children.

Nabulo arsha mafabi and Wodada femia

Nabulo(NRM) will battle Florence Nambozo Mayoga(NRM and incumbent), Femiar Wadada(FDC), Robinah Wamanga(FDC), Phiona Banga(FDC), Eve Kayegi(Independent), Hilda Nadunga(NRM) for the Sironko District Woman Parliamentary slot in 2021.

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Mbale leaders attribute high HIV Prevalence to Alcoholism.

Joram Mayatsa the vice chairman of Mbale District Local Government says most people in the district are investing much money in alcoholism and gambling which leaves them vulnerable to HIV/AIDs.

Mayatsa was talking to religious, cultural and political leaders of Bugisu region in an engagement on HIV – TB stigma and discrimination reduction in the national response at Pretoria Hotel this afternoon.

Mayatsa revealed that there 752 drinking joints in Busiu township with each joint having 20 members who spend 2000 per day.

According to Mayatsa, this is a waste of money. “and as a district, we tried to intervene but people failed to comply” Mayatsa added.

Esau Ekachalanyi the Mbale District Chief Administrative Officer revealed that records from his health department shows Busiu as the leading centers with high HIV prevalence in Mbale. He says Mbale’s HIV prevalence stands at 3.1% in Mbale. He urged religious and cultural leaders to be responsible and also join the fight against HIV/AIDs and fight stigma.

Tatebwa Lillian the head special programs at Uganda AIDs Commission says that HIV is still a big burden in Uganda. She revealed that Uganda has 1.3Million people living with HIV/AIDS with 1000 new infections every week.

She attribute the high infection rates to multiple sexual partners, discordance and disclosure them poverty and wealth plus transactional sex.

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PHOTOS: Rains Destory Primary School Classrooms and major offices in Bududa

Lunganga is one of the six government aided schools in Bukibokoolo sub county in Bududa.

According to the headmaster of the school Wabulakha Deo, the rain mixed with heavy winds destroyed primary three, five and six classrooms and major offices including, school store and the the library.

Wabulakha adds that Primary one and P2 classrooms are also affected. He fears that the school might open third term under a tree urging government for timely intervention.

The Bukibokoolo sub county chairman, Mr Wanombela Gregory, says the heavy rains have also rendered several roads impassable revealing that the rains coupled with much wind that lasted for more than four hours also destroyed many plantations.

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