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Avoid Alcohol Addiction, Nandala Tells Residents

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi has urged people to avoid being addicted to alcohol.

Nandala made the call yesterday at Bumausi Primary School in Nalusala Sub County, Sironko District while meeting residents on development-oriented issues, as he carries out consultative meetings in the entire constituency of Budadiri West.

Nandala told the residents that alcohol addiction leads to poor planning as most of the hard-earned money is most times wasted. He lashed out at the government for not taking appropriate action against manufacturers of alcohol in sachets.

Nandala wants local governments to pass by-laws that will ban the sale of alcohol in sachets like it has been done in Districts like Gulu and Lira.

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MDD: Mbale and Bududa to represent the region in National “luwengele” Competition

Mbale’s Hadasa and Bududa’s Shikhuyu to represent luwengele zone on nationals

Hadasa and Shikhuyu Needy Care Nursery and Primary School are the two schools that are to represent luwengele zone on nationals in Gulu.

The music dance and drama competition that were declared today were conducted in Magale sub county Namisindwa district at Magale Mixed Primary school.

In the competitions that started on Monday 12th August 2019 ended on Tuesday 13th August 2019 .

The eight schools battling we’re Sibuse from Namisindwa , Hadasah and Bumageni from Mbale main, Mbale police Primary school from Mbale municipality, Busumbu Primary school from Manafwa district , Shikhuyu Needy from Bududa , Bugwagi Primary school , Masila Primary school from Sironko and Bulambuli.

Hadasa from Mbale main got 884 points, Shikhuyu Needy care from Bududa got 871, Sibuse were third with 827 points, Bumageni army from Mbale fourth with 825, Mbale police from Mbale municipalty were fifth with 818, Bugwagi from Sironko sixth ,Busumu and Masira with 778 and 752 respectively.

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Local Leaders In Bulambuli back Sara Wekomba For 2nd Term In Parliament.

By: Egonda Emmanuel Anelka

Local leaders of six villages in Muyembe Sub County, Bulambuli District have resolved to support the District Woman Member of Parliament Sarah Wekomba in her bid for a second term in the 2021 elections.

The leaders are from the villages of Bumulekhwa, Bulako, Busukuya, Buwabwala, Bunakami, and Bunabiro. They made the pronouncement on Saturday at Muyembe Town View Nursery and Primary School. MP Sarah Wekomba had visited the area to meet women groups and engage in consultations on how they can benefit from government programs.

Godfrey Kikwe the Vice-Chairperson Bumulekhwa village says MP Wekomba has lobbied for projects like the repair of bridges in the area. He also says Wekomba is an approachable leader who often consults them on matters of development.

David Watibini the LCII Chairperson for Bulako Parish in Muyembe Sub County says MP Wekomba has empowered women through savings and credit associations. Watibini says women can now ably sustain their families without solely depending on their husbands.

In response, Sarah Wekomba said she will continue lobbying for the people of Bulambuli so as to help better their lives. Quite often some leaders have been accused of losing touch with the people they represent; something Wekomba says is dangerous.

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Nabulo Asks Parents To Support Their Children’s Talents.

Mafabi Asha Nabulo a woman MP aspirant for Sironko district has called upon parents to always be supportive in developing their children’s talents

she said this today as she paid a visit to pupils of Bugwagi primary school who are currently representing Sironko district in the ongoing regional school music competitions being help at Magale mixed primary school in Namisidwa district.

Nabulo also reminded parents and teachers that had gathered to watch the competitions that it’s their roles to nature and mold children in what they want them to be.

she also cautioned parents against curtailing their children talents saying that some parents do not want to see their children get involved in sports and co-curricular activities at school yet it’s through such activities that they can realize their talents to help them shape their future.

Nabulo also called upon the pupils to be disciplined as its the key to success. She also donated food and cash items to help them through the competition.

The other women in the race for Sironko woman MPs eat include the incumbent Nambozo Florence, Hilder Nadunga, Fiona Banga, Femia Wadada, and Robina wamanga.

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Iganga Residents Rob From Accidents Victims As Yy coach overturns.

Residents of Buseyi village in Nakalama sub-county Iganga district today rushed to rob money and property worth millions of money as a bus attached to YY coaches overturned this evening in their area.

Speaking to Elgon Fm One of the survivors, Victoria Nalubega said people who rushed to the scene searched the handbags and pockets of the survivors and the dead instead of offering help

A traumatized Nalubega also said the residents rushed to grabbing bags, shoes, phones, and watches from the helpless victims.she also recalls people rushing to open the boot to pick items as injured victims were screaming helplessly for help.

It should be recalled that over forty (40) people perished from an oil fire as they were stealing fuel from a tanker that had got involved in an accident in 2001 at Busesa in Iganga district.

Meanwhile, two people have died while 42 others were rushed to Iganga Hospital in critical condition after a YY bus they were traveling in lost control and overturned at Buseyi B village, Nakalama Sub County, three kilometers along the Iganga-Bugiri highway.

James Mubi the Busoga East Police Spokesman has told Elgon Fm on the phone that the accident occurred this evening at around 5:00 pm when the bus registration number UAQ 906T heading to Mbale from Kampala lost control after it tried to overtake a Fuso lorry unsuccessfully.

Mubi says the YY bus driver on seeing an oncoming trailer decided to get back to his lane. He says the bus, however, lost control and overturned. One of the dead has been identified as Sakiya Wanda, a resident of Budwale Sub County in Mbale District while another woman was not unidentified.

Mwanja Samson, a passenger who had earlier made a distress call on social media minutes before the accident.“I am traveling now but worried whether we get to our destination because the speed is alarming.”

Mubi has warned drivers against over speeding and taking extra care when overtaking.he also said the bus driver has been identified as Taban, and he has been arrested and detained at Iganga central police station

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MP Nambozo asks Youths to Improve Livehood through capitalising on Government Programs

Sironko Woman MP Florence Nambozo Mayoga has urged youths to capitalise on government programs in improving their livelihoods.

Nambozo says Uganda has the youngest population in the world adding that youths should be helped to be productive. She explains that youths need to be productive to be worthy in their communities.

According to Nambozo, youth need to exploit income opportunities in the agricultural sector urging them to organize themselves in groups in order to benefit in government programs like Youth livelihood Program and the current SACCO project.

Her message comes at the time when Uganda is joining the rest of the world in celebrating youth day 2019 with national celebration taking place in Jinja under the theme “transforming education”

Nambozo explains that this year’s theme gives an opportunity to all state parties to evaluate the various policies, programmes and strategic interventions aimed at empowering young people”.

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Sironko celebrates Eid al Adha

National prayers are ongoing at the Uganda National Mosque in Old Kampala led by the Mufti of Uganda, Sheik Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje. Thousands of Muslim faithful attended the mass which commenced at 9 am.

In Sironko, each Mosque had Muslims. MP Nambozo Called for peaceful Co-exitence As Muslims prepare to celebrate Eid al adhaSironko District Woman Member of parliament

While speaking to Muslims in several mosques in Sironko District today morning, Nambozo urged the Muslims to use the occasion to pray for continued peace, stability, unity and understanding of one another in Uganda and the world at large.

Nambozo revealed that the strength and dignity of Uganda can only be achieved and preserved through unity and peaceful co-exitence and she particularly called upon Muslims in Uganda to actively take part in building a peaceful and united Ugandan society.

Muslims around the world will on Sunday, August 11 gather to celebrate Eid al-Adha, the end of the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Eid al-Adha is the second of two Islamic festivals celebrated by Muslims all over the world.

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Mbale Tops In Teenage Pregnancies-New Report Reveals.

By: Weswa Ronnie

A report by the Ministry of Health indicates that Mbale District tops in teenage pregnancies countrywide.

Dr. Jonathan Wangisi the Mbale district Health Officer says the report shows that in Mbale District, teenage pregnancies have increased from 10% last year to 20% this year for girls between 12 to 16 years.

Wangisi says a survey was conducted in May this year in different primary schools and homes across the country. In Mbale, Wangisi says Busiu town council leads with 70% of the teenage pregnancies followed by Nakaloke town council.

Bernard Mujasi the Mbale district LCV chairperson attributes the increase in teenage pregnancies to negligent parents and early drinking practices. Mujasi also says the ever mushrooming videos halls have also become a menace to the community.

As a result, Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum in partnership with Mbale Hunger Project is creating awareness about the dangers of teenage pregnancies and encouraging girls to embrace family planning methods.

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Christians Aught To Support Church Developments

Christians in Sironko District have been urged to embrace development-oriented programs in churches.

This call was made by Asha Nabulo Mafabi who intends to vie for the Sironko District Woman Parliamentary seat in the 2021 general elections. Nabulo was addressing Christians at confirmation and fundraising for Bumasifwa Church of Uganda in Legenya Sub County yesterday.

According to Nabulo, embracing development programs helps in the spiritual, economic and social transformation of Christians.

On the fundraising, 2.5million shillings was raised at a function also attended by North Mbale Diocese Rt. Reverend Samuel Gidudu. Bishop Gidudu said the money will be put towards the construction of a new Cathedral at North Mbale Diocese headquarters in Buhugu Sub County.

Bishop Gidudu said that the construction of the cathedral requires up to four ( 4 )billion shillings.  He asked Christians to contribute to the cause.

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Parents Strike Over Headteacher Transfer -School Gardens Destroyed.

By: Weswa Ronnie

Parents of Bukise Primary, a government-aided School in Bukise Sub County; Sironko District today destroyed school crops in protest of a decision to transfer the headteacher Emma Wangwe.

Moses Gamasho the Chairperson School Management Committee says the protest started after some parents got information that a new headteacher Beatrice Nandudu had been brought to replace Emma Wangwe. The angry parents then descended on the school garden and destroyed crops that included bananas, cassava, beans and maize among others.

Wilberforce Wandela and Patrick Mulyalya who are parents at the school told Elgon FM that they are opposed to the proposal of transferring the headteacher Emma Wangwe. They claim Wangwe has increased pupil numbers and the school registered six children in second grade in last year’s Primary Leaving Examinations.

Simon Masaba the LCII chairperson for Bukise parish says they are not willing to work with the new headteacher. Masaba has threatened to close the head teacher’s office if the authorities insist on bringing Beatrice Nandudu.

Moses Nambale the Sironko District Education Officer has called for calmness saying they have halted plans of transferring the headteacher as a result of the threats by parents.

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