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Sironko MP asks Boda Boda Riders to desist from Political Fights

Sironko District Woman Member of Parliament Florence Nambozo Mayoga has advised commercial motorcycle riders (Boda Boda) to stay away from political fights as the country heads to the 2021 general elections.

She said this while opening offices of Sironko District Boda Boda Riders Association in Sironko town Council on Saturday.

Nambozo said the riders should instead direct their effort towards starting Savings and Credit groups so that they can be supported with funds from government.

As one way of starting an income generating activity, MP Nambozo handed over 50 plastic chairs to the riders associations for hiring out.

Jackson Mukhwana the chairperson of the association pledged to organize the riders to have a sacco in place so as to benefit from government programmes.

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Sironko MP Nambozo asks Residents to embrace Agriculture

Sironko District Woman Member of Parliament Florence Nambozo Mayoga wants agriculture inputs given to farmers put to good use.

Nambozo while handing out maize seeds to Sironko residents said she had received reports that some farmers often sell off inputs given to them.

MP Nambozo says she will closely monitor the farmer groups that have received the maize seeds for successful implementation of the project.

Gogo Amunoni the LCIII Chairperson for Buyobo Sub County says that after giving out maize seeds to farmers, there should be food security in most households.

Story by Ashaba D Ashraf

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Eastern Youth MP to be thrown out of Parliament over Absenteeism

Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has issued a warning to Ishma Mafabi, the Eastern Youth MP over perpetual absenteeism from parliament.

Kadaga made the warning know on Thursday during the afternoon plenary session saying that the member poorly attended the previous 2nd and 3rd sessions of Parliament without the mandated authorized leave of the Speaker.

She added that the MP has not also attended the ongoing 4th session that started on 1st July 2019 which has so far had 35 sittings. A session of parliament has 12 months and it is in tandem with the financial year which for example running between 1st July 2018 and 30th June 2019.

“I have established from the records of attendance of Members of Parliament that you have not attended any sitting of the House this session. In the circumstances, I know that your continued absence from the House is in contravention of Rule 111 (6) of the Rules of Procedure of Parliament,” reads part of Kadaga’s letter to Mafabi.

Rule 11(6) prohibits MPs from absenting themselves from 15 normal sittings of Parliament during any period when Parliament is continuously meeting except with the permission of the Speaker.

Kadaga warned Mafabi and demanded him to attend the next sitting of Parliament scheduled for Tuesday 17th September or he risks a disciplinary process.

When contacted, MP Mafabi said that he had been held up by personal issues promising to meet the Speaker as soon as possible to offer an explanation.

“I have been handling some personal issues, of which I was supposed to. write to the Speaker but I didn’t. However, I have an appointment with her tomorrow and I will explain everything,” said Mafabi.

Both Speaker Kadaga and Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah have previously warned legislators on rampant absenteeism from Parliament business and on several occasions suggested different measures meant to stop the practice.

Some of the measures undertaken were the introduction of a registration book for the afternoon plenary session and later an electronic system for members to use for voting and to help detect their attendance through clocking in and out of the Chamber.

Kadaga also at some point suggested that the Parliamentary Commission reverts to the previous payment system for MPs which is tagged on their attendance. Kadaga previously described the action of MPs signing for allowances,even when they have not attended plenary and committee sittings as lack of ethics and integrity and an act of corruption.

The Speaker says MPs should live as leaders and people of integrity and not to be seen involved in corrupt tendencies

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BUDUDA: Wakikona donates to landslide Victims, Applauded.

Bududa District Woman Member of Parliament hopeful Jane Wakikona has donated to victims of Bukalasi landslide victims.

According to Bukoma Paul a youth leader from Nabweya, Bududa who led the team which delivered the items on behalf of Wakikona says they delivered clothes collected under Youth Pilot Project(YPP) a collection of ten youth led groups across the country with the funding from First Lady Janat Katha Museveni.

He asked the victims support Jane Wakikona in the coming elections. Speaking to our reporter, Bukoma explains that YPP is to recruit 6.75Million youths across the country before June 2020 to mobilise for president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Rogers wandulu from bushiyi sub county applauded Jane Wakikona for lobbying for the victims. He says the clothes were timely as most victims were lacking what to put on. He asked Bududa youths to back Jane Wakikona in Bududa Parliamentary elections.

Wandulu described the sister to the former minister Wakikona as experienced, exposed and mature with the zeal to represent the people of Bududa district.

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DONE: Mbale FDC Mobilisers released on bond

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) mobilisers in Mbale have been released on bond following their arrest yesterday during FDC demos in Mbale.

The Namakwekwe NRM Councilor Bukoma Sowedi, Siraji Wabondo and Mukhonya Dan were charged with assault and malicious damage. They are reportedly arrested for stoning OC Operations’ vihecle as police were in running battles with supporters who had gathered to welcome FDC national leaders.

Besigye was supposed to address a rally at Mpumudde grounds in mission cell in Mbale town.

Margaret Wokuri Madanda the Mbale FDC Chairperson says police should learn to protect Ugandans. She explains that there was no need for arrests yesterday.

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FDC Demands unconditional release of Mbale Mobilisers

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is demanding for the unconditional release of supporters arrested during FDC demos in Mbale.

The arrested include Namakwekwe NRM Chairman Bukoma Sowedi, Sowali Wabomba and Mabuya Dan. The three were reportedly arrested for stoning OC Operations’ vihecle as police were in running battles with supporters who had gathered to welcome FDC national leaders.

Besigye was supposed to address a rally at Mpumudde grounds in mission cell in Mbale town.

Margaret Wokuri Madanda the Mbale FDC Chairperson says several opposition supporters have been locked up over 24hours with no charges preferred on them. According to Wokuri, government should release the opposition supporters and also come out clearly on the arrests.

However, Mbale district Woman Member of Parliament Connie Nakayenze Galiwango blamed Mbale police for being unfair. According to Nakayenze, Police released FDC Party President Patrick Amuriat Oboi yesterday night few minutes after his arrest and kept on holding the Mbale residents.

Fred Ahimbisibwe the Mbale District Police officer in response told the legislator that Amuriat is a national leader.

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Mbale leaders attribute high HIV Prevalence to Alcoholism.

Joram Mayatsa the vice chairman of Mbale District Local Government says most people in the district are investing much money in alcoholism and gambling which leaves them vulnerable to HIV/AIDs.

Mayatsa was talking to religious, cultural and political leaders of Bugisu region in an engagement on HIV – TB stigma and discrimination reduction in the national response at Pretoria Hotel this afternoon.

Mayatsa revealed that there 752 drinking joints in Busiu township with each joint having 20 members who spend 2000 per day.

According to Mayatsa, this is a waste of money. “and as a district, we tried to intervene but people failed to comply” Mayatsa added.

Esau Ekachalanyi the Mbale District Chief Administrative Officer revealed that records from his health department shows Busiu as the leading centers with high HIV prevalence in Mbale. He says Mbale’s HIV prevalence stands at 3.1% in Mbale. He urged religious and cultural leaders to be responsible and also join the fight against HIV/AIDs and fight stigma.

Tatebwa Lillian the head special programs at Uganda AIDs Commission says that HIV is still a big burden in Uganda. She revealed that Uganda has 1.3Million people living with HIV/AIDS with 1000 new infections every week.

She attribute the high infection rates to multiple sexual partners, discordance and disclosure them poverty and wealth plus transactional sex.

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MBALE: FDC to Meet Leaders in a Regional Retreat.

The Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party is carrying out countrywide mobilisation tours and will be in Mbale this Saturday.

Margaret Wokuri Masada the Mbale FDC Chairperson says FDC National leaders will be interacting with the public adding that they will be passing a message to remain strong in the party and keep focussed on the struggle to remove President Museveni.

She revealed that Dr Kizza Besigye the former FDC president will be among the FDC officials to grace the Mbale meetings.

Peter Ronnie Gidudu the former FDC Parliamentary aspirant for Mbale Municipality asked residents to turn up in big numbers to welcome the former FDC Presidential candidate.

He confirmed that the national party leaders will engage FDC Mobilisers leaders and residents on Saturday afternoon at Mpumudde grounds in Mpumudde cell, Namakwekwe in Mbale municipality.

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PHOTOS: Rains Destory Primary School Classrooms and major offices in Bududa

Lunganga is one of the six government aided schools in Bukibokoolo sub county in Bududa.

According to the headmaster of the school Wabulakha Deo, the rain mixed with heavy winds destroyed primary three, five and six classrooms and major offices including, school store and the the library.

Wabulakha adds that Primary one and P2 classrooms are also affected. He fears that the school might open third term under a tree urging government for timely intervention.

The Bukibokoolo sub county chairman, Mr Wanombela Gregory, says the heavy rains have also rendered several roads impassable revealing that the rains coupled with much wind that lasted for more than four hours also destroyed many plantations.

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FINALLY: Elgon FM’s News anchor Lufutu secretly “introduced”

Rashid Musoke Lufutu the Elgon FM’s sole Lumasaaba News anchor was secretly introduced by his longtime lover in Bushika Bududa district on Wednesday afternoon.

The former Step FM football commentator was accompanied by his former lecturer Bassajjasubbi Ahmed and his Elgon fm colleagues.

When contacted, Lufutu says he only visited his wife “because he gave birth last week and I wanted to see my kid” Lufutu said. He added that he is planning to officially introduce his wife in December this year.

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