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MP Nambozo Calls for an increased Parliamentary oversight on HIV/AIDs related issues

Florence Nambozo the Sironko District woman MP who also doubles as the chairperson parliamentary committee on HIV/AIDs and other related diseases has called for increased parliamentary oversight of HIV related issues in Africa.

According to Nambozo, if the HIV Legislations/ Policies have to become an important tool in addressing the HIV pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa, then governments have to be advocating for serious implementations of HIV/AIDs policies in African countries.

Nambozo explains that one of the parliament’s roles and responsibilities with regards to National HIV/AIDs strategies and responses is to oversee the proper implementation of policies and allocation of resources to HIV programs and the authority to monitor and control effectiveness of such programs.

Nambozo made the call today while addressing an evidence based conference in Cape Town South Africa which is organised under the theme: the role of parliament in combating HIV/AIDs Epidemic.

Dr. Nomafrench Mbombo the Provincial Minister of western cape in South Africa at the same conference also revealed that eradication of HIV/Aids by 2030 requires addressing the epidemic drivers with focus on the marginalised population, gender integration, wellness and right based approach within the context of the legal framework.

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Nandala applauded for “Kicking” Hernia out of Sironko

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi has been applauded for offering free health services to the elderly and facilitating operation of Hernia patients in Sironko District.

Mafabi Enos from Buteza sub county thanked Nandala for facilitating his Hernia operation in 2005. He says Nandala saved him from selling his only piece of land

Nagudi Fausi a 68 year old widow from Buwalasi in Budadiri West appreciated Nandala for saving her life. Nagudi says she was operated in 2011 at Mt Elgon Hospital on Nandala’s bills.

Reverand Jackson Magombe the political assistant of Budadiri West MP Nathan Nandala Mafabi revealed that offering free health services to the elderly and free Hernia operations is among the services under the Nandala Foundation.

He explains that it was a pledge by Honourable Nandala in 2001 General Elections. He confirms that the elderly and Hernia patients receive free treatment.

An inguinal hernia occurs when tissue, such as part of the intestine, protrudes through a weak spot in the abdominal muscles. The resulting bulge can be painful, especially when you cough, bend over or lift a heavy object.

Hernias are caused by a combination of muscle weakness and strain. Depending on its cause, a hernia can develop quickly or over a long period of time. Common causes of muscle weakness include: failure of the abdominal wall to close properly in the womb, which is a congenital defect

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WAR AGAINST POVERTY: Women urged to form SACCOs and embrace Government Programs

The National Chairperson for Women’s League in the ruling National Resistance Movement(NRM) Lydia Wanyoto has asked women to embrace government programs in the bid to eradicate poverty. Wanyoto explains that increasing women’s participation in the rural economy is a powerful tool towards poverty reduction and economic growth adding that investing in women is now widely recognised as crucial to achieving sustainable development.

Wanyoto who was the chief guest of at a function organized by Twezimbe Sacco in Mbale municipality over the weekend called on women to unite and address their challenges explaining that improving women’s economic opportunities also provides a sense of hope and purpose for women in  communities.

Wanyoto revealed that government projects like Women Micro finance, Youth livelihood, Uganda women Entrepreneur programme have been put in place to empower women in abid to foster household income. She pledged to use her position in the ruling NRM to empower women councils to be able to oversee women challenges in our communities

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Former Budadiri West MP dumps NRM, Joins opposition

Former Budadiri West Member of Parliament David Livingstone Giruli crossed to the Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) the leading opposition party in Uganda.

Giruli who was defeated by the incumbent Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala-Mafabi twice in 2001 and 2006 general elections says there is no need for him to continue supporting the National Resistance Movement(NRM).

Giruli who was part of the 6th Parliament explains that he decided to leave NRM because he has seen same leaders right from 1986 adding that there is need for change. Giruli urged youths to join the quest for change adding that current systems can not favor them.

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi welcomed Giruli with FDC party card. Nandala appreciated Giruli for seeing what he called light. The FDC Secretary General was engaging his electorates in a consultative meeting at Kibira Primary School in Sironko Town Council. Nandala confirmed that he has welcomed over 80 new members in less than two weeks.

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MP Nambozo Urges Men to Test for HIV/AIDs to protect Partners

Sironko District Woman MP Florence Nambozo Mayoga urged government to remain committed to the efforts of reducing the threat of HIV/AIDS by preventing new infections and helping HIV-positive Ugandans access the life-saving treatment they need.

Nambozo the chairperson of the parliamentary committee on HIV/AIDs and other related diseases made remarks on Friday during the annual general meeting of TASO Uganda which was held at TASO headqauters in Mulago. She urged men to go for HIV testing, saying “men should go for HIV testing to protect their partners, “it’s important to know your status and disclose to your partner to prevent further spread of HIV”, She stressed.

She also referred to the current statistics that show 60% of men who have been tested and 52% enrolled on treatment calling for the gaps to be covered. She further highlighted the need for increased sensitization and advocacy by government Health institutions in order to create awareness in communities. Nambozo noted that Uganda is a model country in the fight against AIDS saying, “Ending AIDS is an investment in human dignity and not a charity adding that Uganda has over one million people on treatment and this is key to achieve the 90-90-90 UNAIDS targets, which project that by 2020, 90% of all people living with HIV will know their HIV status, 90% of all people with diagnosed HIV infection will receive sustained antiretroviral therapy and lastly 90% of all people receiving antiretroviral therapy will have viral suppression. However it should also be remembered that In June 2017 President Museveni launched the Presidential Fast-track Initiative on ending HIV & AIDS in Uganda by 2030. This was the first initiative in Africa and the entire world.

Nambozo said that although government adopted the ABC (abstinence, being faithful and use of condoms) method to sensitize and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS which helped lower the Prevalence however she says there is need to emphasize the role of the family in the fight against AIDs. “I must emphasize the role of the family in the fight against AIDS. Talk to your children, this is because the first relationship a child has is with the parents. We need to talk to our children about AIDS,” she Advised.She finally called for more open mindness about HIV/AIDs and an end to criminalization and discrimination of people with HIV.

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Disability is not Inability,Nabulo Tells PWDs And Leaders Of sironko

Asha Nabulo Mafabi an aspirant for the Sironko District Woman Parliamentary seat wants persons living with a disability considered in the implementation of government programmes.

Nabulo made the appeal yesterday while addressing Persons Living with Disability (PWDs) who had converged at Sironko District Council Hall for their annual meeting.

she also emphasized that being disabled should not be a reason to be forsaken in society since disability is not inability.

She said District authorities should always start with PWDs when implementing programmes like Operation Wealth Creation and NUSAF among others. According to Nabulo, many PWDs are wallowing in poverty because they have been left out of the government programmes. 

Nabulo also urged parents not to discriminate children living with disability saying this deprives them a right to socialize which contributes to their proper upbringing.

Nabulo (NRM) will battle incumbent Florence Nambozo Mayoga (NRM), Hilda Nadunga (NRM), Robinah Wamanga (FDC), Phiona Banga (FDC), Eve Kayegi (Independent) and Femiar Wadada(Independent) for the Sironko District Woman Parliamentary seat in the 2021 elections.

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Sironko Residents Demonstrate over poor state of road.

LCI Chairpersons in Zesui Sub County on Wednesday mobilized residents and vendors at Kipande market to peacefully demonstrate over the poor state of the Buweri-Zesui road.

Stephen Madanda the LCI Chairperson for Bumuniasi village in Bulujewa parish says they had no option but to mobilize residents to plant banana suckers on the impassable road. Madanda says they have often reminded the District Authorities about the state of the road in vain.

Michael Wasukila the LCI chairperson Lugonge village says transportation of agricultural products like onions, cabbage and passion fruits to markets in Mbale and Sironko town is now a challenge.

Wilson Mandela a resident of Zesui Sub County says will continue demonstrating peacefully until the Sironko Distroct Authorities start works on the road.

David Gizamba the Chairperson Kipande market says the market dues collected are also inadequate since the number of farmers transporting their food to the facility has gone down.

But Hebert Mulekwa the LCV chairperson for Sironko calls for calm saying the rains currently pounding the area have delayed kick start of works on the road.

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Sironko District to host this year’s Independence anniversary

Sironko, one of the districts in Bugisu Sub-region, has been selected by the government to host this year’s 57th Independence Day celebrations.

“The nation is due to celebrate the Independence Day anniversary on October 9 and the ceremony will be held at Sironko District headquarters,” an August 20 letter signed by the secretary to the Office of the President, Mr Kakande Yunus, and addressed to the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Sironko, reads in part.

The letter further states: “The office of the RDC is expected to work with the district leadership to ensure the celebrations are given high visibility and colourfulness.”

On Sunday, Mr Kakande confirmed the letter.“It is true and preparations at the National Organising Committee have commenced,” he said.

The RDC, Mr Isaac Lulaba, who is also the chairperson of the district organising committee, said: “As people of Sironko, we are excited to host the celebrations. Sironko has never hosted a gazetted national event such as this one.”

He said the guest of honour will be President Museveni accompanied by several heads of state from East Africa

Sironko Woman Member of Parliament Nambozo Florence Mayoga says the celebrations will attract tourists which the business community needs to take advantage of.

She also explains that the day is an opportunity for the people of Sironko to remind government of the unfulfilled pledges. These include construction of the Namagumba, Budadiri, Nalugugu road and boosting of infrastructure in the education and health sectors in the District.

Credit: Daily Monitor

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MBALE: Woman sentenced to 20 lashes for attempting to burry her baby alive.

The LCI court for Bukwaga A village in Bubyangu Sub County, Mbale district last evening sentenced a 26 year old woman to 20 lashes for attempting to bury her three months old baby alive.

The woman has been identified as Annette Nambozo. One of the residents identified as Suzan Nabukwasi says Nambozo has been having a long standing conflict with her husband who claims the baby belongs to another man.

Adam Madoyi the LCI defense secretary for Bukwanga village says after thorough investigations, they found Nambozo guilty of the offence and therefore recommended the punishment.

Madoyi says they discovered that Nambozo wanted to bury the child after the husband reportedly refused to provide support to the family.

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Nandala commiserates with victims of Bulambuli mudslides

Chairman Bugisu Cooperative Union Nathan Nandala Mafabi commiserated with victims of the mudslides in Bulambuli district that killed scores of people and left many others injured on Tuesday evening following heavy down pour.

“We have again lost our people to mudslides in Bulambuli. I join the relatives to mourn for this great loss of life. As we get more details, I urge those near to help the victims in any small way possible” Nandala posted on his Facebook page.

The Budadiri West Member of Parliament says people near the victims should help them in any small way and asked government to enroll the relocation program.

He is set to visit the victims over the weekend.

John Magomu Maleza, the LC III chairperson Bulaago Sub County, says several people in his area are homeless. He says some of the homes were washed away by the landslides while others had their roofs blown off by heavy winds

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