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MDD: Mbale and Bududa to represent the region in National “luwengele” Competition

Mbale’s Hadasa and Bududa’s Shikhuyu to represent luwengele zone on nationals

Hadasa and Shikhuyu Needy Care Nursery and Primary School are the two schools that are to represent luwengele zone on nationals in Gulu.

The music dance and drama competition that were declared today were conducted in Magale sub county Namisindwa district at Magale Mixed Primary school.

In the competitions that started on Monday 12th August 2019 ended on Tuesday 13th August 2019 .

The eight schools battling we’re Sibuse from Namisindwa , Hadasah and Bumageni from Mbale main, Mbale police Primary school from Mbale municipality, Busumbu Primary school from Manafwa district , Shikhuyu Needy from Bududa , Bugwagi Primary school , Masila Primary school from Sironko and Bulambuli.

Hadasa from Mbale main got 884 points, Shikhuyu Needy care from Bududa got 871, Sibuse were third with 827 points, Bumageni army from Mbale fourth with 825, Mbale police from Mbale municipalty were fifth with 818, Bugwagi from Sironko sixth ,Busumu and Masira with 778 and 752 respectively.

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Kadaga slams international community over refugees

MIDRAND, SOUTH AFRICA: The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has criticised the international community for failing to make good their financial contributions to support refugees in Uganda as they had pledged during the Kampala Solidarity Summit on Refugees in 2017.

Addressing the 10th Conference of Speakers of African Parliaments and Senates at the Pan-African Parliament in Midrand, South Africa, on Tuesday, 06 August 2019, Kadaga said that of the US$15 million that was projected to be collected at the summit, only US$540,000
was realised.

“We had a solidarity summit in Uganda with all the world’s big names and leaders from the biggest economies but it was quite shocking when such leaders pledged very little sums of money and later even failed to fulfil the pledges,” she said.

Uganda, being the second biggest refugee-hosting country in the world and the first in Africa, was selected to host the refugee summit attended by world leaders and technocrats who included the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) June 2018 report shows that Africa has the highest number of forced migrants in the world. The continent accounted for nearly one-third of the world’s 68 million forced migrants, including 6.3 million refugees and 14.5 million internally displaced persons.

Host countries continue to shoulder the responsibility of and facilitating refugees’ access to basic needs. However, this reduces the resources and resilience of the host communities.

“Settling of refugees comes with a cost to our people because there is a lot of pressure on the local population to share facilities. In one of our districts of Adjumani, 50 per cent of the population is made up of refugees and so there is pressure on water, schools, health facilities and the environment and this is very costly to the Uganda government,” said Kadaga .

Speaker Kadaga requested the UNHCR to build permanent structures such as health centres and schools in the refugee settlements as a stopgap to support host communities that have co-existed with refugees in the event that they leave.

Kadaga proposed that for refugee host countries, there should be inter-ministerial coordination mechanisms to bring together the government, international, local and civil society organisations to address the refugee issue from a wider perspective.

“I want to confirm that refugees living in Uganda are not in camps but settlements, which gives them freedom of movement, access to social service and employment,” Kadaga told the Speakers.

The Speaker of the Algerian Parliament, Slimane Chenine, said the increased armed conflicts on the continent had worsened the refugee problem over the last two years.

“To resolve this problem, my country has always proposed a holistic approach that is balanced and will require solidarity based on human rights, sovereignty and national security,” said Chenine.

In his presentation, George Kachio, the UNHCR Representative for Southern Africa revealed that over 100,000 Africans leave the continent every year for Europe.

Speaking as chief guest, the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Gabriela Cuevas Barron, called on countries of the AU to work together in regard to development, gender equality, youth empowerment, fighting terrorism, climate change, migration and refugees issues.

“The safest countries in the world are those practising democracy. We have the power to change the world and we need to give results to our people,” Barron said and singled out Kadaga for aggressively advocating for an IPU President that could work with Africa.

The two-day Speaker’s conference is being held under the theme, “Finding durable solutions to forced migration to accelerate integration and development in Africa: the role of National and Regional Parliaments.

Over 90 per cent of African countries are a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention and have passed laws for its implementation.

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Kadaga calls For A Visa-Free Continent

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has called on African countries to abolish the issuance of visas to enable free movement of people across the continent.

The free movement of persons, according to Kadaga, will facilitate Africans to ply their trade across the continent which is a prospective market. Reacting to the resolutions reached at the closure of the 10th Conference of

Speakers of African Parliaments and Senates at the Pan-African Parliament in Midrand, South Africa on Wednesday, 7 August 2019, Kadaga emphasized that Africans needed visa-free restrictions as opposed to having a standard African passport to facilitate the free movement of people within the continent.

“What we want is a removal of the visa instead of the issuance of the African passport. I am a senior person in my country and I do not even have the African passport and also do not know any person with it,” said Kadaga.

The Speaker added that free movement of people would improve continental trade resulting into equitable development on the continent. She called on the African Heads of State to urgently address the issue of visas.

Kadaga also questioned the existence of multiple regional economic blocs on the continent and said they are hampering the work of legislators who are trying to open Africa to its people.
“I am actually surprised that even the African Union, which is the executive body of this continent, is trying to create the Horn of Africa as another regional bloc and yet many of these countries are already part of the existing blocs,” she said.

She also noted that countries are expected to pay a subscription to the numerous regional blocs they may belong to thus becoming a burden to the national purse of the respective countries.
The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) is one of the organs of the African Union (AU) as set out by the Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community (Abuja Treaty).

The Parliament is intended as a platform for people from all African states to be involved in discussions and decision-making on the problems and challenges facing the continent.

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MP Florence Nambozo to Commission Sironko Foot Cable Bridge Project


Sironko District Woman MP Hon. Florence Nambozo will soon be leading a delegation from Ministry of Works and Transport to commission Kibembe suspended foot cable bridge on River Sironko in Sironko district.

The foot bridge worth Shillings 171. Million whose construction works commenced on 1st April this year is complete. It connects Mutufu parish in Bumalimba Sub county to Nalusala parish in Nalusala sub county in Sironko district.

For residents of Bumalimba and Nalusala Sub-counties in Sironko District, are already in Jubilations even before the commission of the bridge because they say for years they have been facing challenges of accessing social services in the neighbouring sub-counties.

Hon. Nambozo has also expressed her happiness saying the 75-metre bridge, constructed by Bridges to Prosperity (B2P), a US-based NGO in partnership with the government at Shs171M, is a breathes of relief, especially to mothers and children who have been struggling to access health centres and primary schools within the area. 

She adds that as Sironko, they are happy government has intervened and constructed bridges that cannot be affected by weather hazards revealing that with the improved infrastructure, there will be enhanced access to markets, health centers and schools among other in the district.

Bridges to Prosperity entered a partnership with the Government through the Ministry of Works and Transport to construct 10 such bridges across the country

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Nandala: Am not interested in Mbale Parliamentary Seat

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala-Mafabi says he is not interested in any political seat in the highly anticipated Mbale City. Nandala revealed this while meeting Forum For Democratic Change party leaders in a state holders meeting for Budadiri West in Sironko District at Busamaga Secondary School.

Nandala says these are far fetched romours aimed at turning the attention of his supporters in the constituency. Nandala confirmed that he is for Budadiri West and will always stand with them. Nandala used to opportunity to public confirm his intension to Budadiri West Parliamentary seat in 2021.

Nandala asked FDC party leaders to ignore the romours and concentrate on mobilizing for 2021 adding that Uganda needs leaders who are determined, focused, and pro people not self seekers.

Muyobo Peter the regional Mobilise for FDC says Budadiri West still needs Nandala as many projects are yet to be completed.

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SIRONKO: FDC leaders asked to massively recruit for 2021

Forum for Democratic Change leaders in Budadiri West constituency in Sironko District have been asked to recruit vibrant and able bodied members as the party prepare for 2021 general elections. The call was made by Patrick Waniaye the Sironko District FDC Chairman during a consultation meeting at Busamaga secondary school for Budadiri West stakeholders on Sunday afternoon.

Waniaye said party leaders should aggressively mobilise members to prepare for internal activities as they approach 2021 adding that youths should be encouraged to take up most elective posts.

Canon Wonyaka Senior the FDC Constituency Chairman for Budadiri West urged party members to remain focused, determined and stick to party principles in the quest for change. He adds that their mission is to have FDC leaders at every level in sironko.

Nathan Nandala Mafabi the FDC Secretary General asked party leaders to remain loyal to the party as they head into 2021 general elections. Nandala who also doubles as the Budadiri West MP asked party leaders to have the zeal and passion for change if they are to achieve adding that grassroot mobilization don’t clearance from the party secretariat. He asked elected leaders to mobilise for each other and join efforts to fight a common enemy, NRM.

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“NRM seeks to improve people’s conditions via education” – President Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has described the National Resistance Movement (NRM) as a Party that always seeks to improve the living conditions of the rural population through education and sensitisation.

“NRM Party from the beginning was a Party of educating people not looking for votes and telling lies,” he said.

The President was today speaking at a public rally held at Karaka Primary School playground, Tirinyi Sub-County in Kibuku district Eastern Uganda.

The President commended the people of Tirinyi for overwhelmingly supporting NRM in the 2016 general elections. The Sub-County registered the highest vote for the NRM in the 2016 General Elections in the whole of Kibuku District.

President Museveni, however, emphasized the need for the people of the area to concentrate on creating wealth in their homes in order to meet modern demands.

“Wealth is in the home while development, such as infrastructure, is outside and for every body,” he noted.

He advised them to abandon the traditional mode of doing things in favour of modern one ways saying that modern challenges require modern solutions.

President Museveni cautioned the people of the area against destroying wetlands by growing rice. He urged them to use the outer ring of the swamps for fish farming.

On his way to Tirinyi Sub-County, President Museveni stopped at Kibuku District Headquarters where he commissioned a medical store block and laid a foundation stone for the construction of the medical planning offices.

At Kataka Trading Centre, Mr. Museveni opened Kibuku Constituency Development SACCO and donated Shs.30 million to the SACCO.

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Sironko MP Wants Government to Set Up Demonstration Farms per Sub County

Florence Nambozo Mayoga the Sironko District Woman Member of Parliament wants government to set up demonstration farms at Sub County level.

Nambozo says if demonstration farms are set up at Sub County levels, it will be easy for farmers to acquire expert training from Sub County extension workers on better methods of farming. She says many farmers lack knowledge on good farming practises which affects their productivity.

Janet Nafiye the agricultural officer for Sironko District welcomes the proposal by MP Nambozo saying the limited funds allocated to the agriculture department cannot enable the opening of such farms at Sub County level.

Nafiye says there is one demonstration farm in the entire District at Mutufu government prison. 

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Museveni asked to phase out parallel structures to save the party from “Embarrassments”

National Resistance Movement leaders in Mbale have asked the National chairman of the party to phase out some of the parallel structures created by his kyambogo office.

Manana Henry the NRM Mbale district councillor said such establishments could compliment the work of the formal structures adding that to the contrary, those appointed seem to undermine elected party leaders in the structures. Manana who is also a regular NRM Panelist on most Mbale radio political talkshows says the creditibility of the appointment leave alot to be desired.

Mbale District NRM publicity secretary only known as Muhammad said party leaders have been sidelined in the preparations to welcome the president. He alleges that the kyambogo office have hand picked people who now feel bigger than everyone in the party. He asked the party secretariat to draw lines between the two structures. He warns that if the party delays to tame appointees under the office of National chairman, the party is bound to lose.

Efforts to get a comment from regional coordinators of Office of National chairman were futile as they couldn’t reply to our calls.

However, Kirunda Farouq the Mouthpiece of the office national chairman posted a statement on the official website indicating that The Office of the National Chairman NRM is established in accordance with chapter 4; clause 14 sub section 1 of the NRM Constitution as adopted on 31st March, 2003 which spells out the roles of the National Chairman of NRM. He explained that Office is created largely to support the National Chairman to implement the principles and policies of the NRM and other things necessary for the good of NRM.

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Manafwa DHO Seeks Ban on Hand Shaking to Avert Possible Ebola Outbreak.

Doctor Gideon Wamasebu the Manafwa District Health Officer wants a ban on hand shaking as one way of averting a possible outbreak of Ebola.

Wamasebu says the public should instead wave to each other so as to avoid direct contact.

He has also urged the public to report cases of people bleeding from all parts of the body and fever among others for appropriate action by medical personnel

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