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SIRONKO: Nandala takes development meetings to Mafundu, Nalusala sub counties.

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi will on Saturday 17th August 2019 be in Mafudu and Bukhulo sub counties to sensitize residents and interact with various area leaders on development projects in his constituency.

The Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) Secretary General is scheduled to also meet leaders and also make rally at Mafundu Primary School in Mafundu sub county and neighboring sub counties in lower sironko.

Job Busiima the FDC chairman of Mafundu and Bukhulo sub counties in Sironko says Nandala will on Saturday 17th August, 2019 will meet political leaders, religious members and all residents of greater Mafundu and Bukhulo sub counties in a rally at Mafundu Primary School at 1pm before addressing another rally on the 18th August at Bumausi Primary School in nalusala sub county.

Mr. Nandala will on Saturday again do a radio program on Elgon FM 101.4 from 7-10PM.

According to Herbert Musinga the FDC chairperson for Nalusala Sub county, MP Nandala visit is hinged on discussing development issues throughout the constituency. The FDC mobilize also said that residents will be given chance to interact with their legislator. He adds that it’s an opportunity for local leaders to table the community concerns before the MP

Nandala while at a sensitization campaign in Buwalasi Sub County in Busamaga Secondary School noted that he intends to improve their living conditions through sensitization, education and empowerment as they prepare for 2021. He urged residents to come for the meetings and share ideas on how to develop their areas.

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MDD: Mbale and Bududa to represent the region in National “luwengele” Competition

Mbale’s Hadasa and Bududa’s Shikhuyu to represent luwengele zone on nationals

Hadasa and Shikhuyu Needy Care Nursery and Primary School are the two schools that are to represent luwengele zone on nationals in Gulu.

The music dance and drama competition that were declared today were conducted in Magale sub county Namisindwa district at Magale Mixed Primary school.

In the competitions that started on Monday 12th August 2019 ended on Tuesday 13th August 2019 .

The eight schools battling we’re Sibuse from Namisindwa , Hadasah and Bumageni from Mbale main, Mbale police Primary school from Mbale municipality, Busumbu Primary school from Manafwa district , Shikhuyu Needy from Bududa , Bugwagi Primary school , Masila Primary school from Sironko and Bulambuli.

Hadasa from Mbale main got 884 points, Shikhuyu Needy care from Bududa got 871, Sibuse were third with 827 points, Bumageni army from Mbale fourth with 825, Mbale police from Mbale municipalty were fifth with 818, Bugwagi from Sironko sixth ,Busumu and Masira with 778 and 752 respectively.

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32 year old in Sironko discovered dead dumped in Bush.

By Weswa Ronnie 

Shock engulfed to residents Bumasola A village, Bumasifwa parish Legenya Sub County in Sironko this afternoon after one of their own was suspected to have been murdered by unknown people and the body dumped at a nearby bush.

According to Gawolo Wetaka, a resident who discovered the body identified the deceased as Charles Muduku from Bumasoyosi village in Legenya Sub County.

He told our reporter, that he saw a body lying by the nearby bush as he was coming the from the garden. Wetaka also said the body had no cut or injuries.

Wetaka adds that he made an alarm which attracted nearby resident and later alerted area LCI chairperson who called the police of Sironko.

Ludodico Wodulo the LCII chairperson of Bumasifwa parish Leganya Sub County described the deceased as responsible, hard-working and quite gentlemen.

He adds that they suspect that a group of unknown people would have strangled the Muduku after transported the body to Bumayosi neighboring with the aim of distorting investigations

Robert Tukei the Elgon sub-region police spooks person confirmed the incident saying that investigations have already started but urged locals to help police by providing it with any information relating to the death of Muduku such that culprits can be arrested and be brought in books.

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MP Nambozo asks Youths to Improve Livehood through capitalising on Government Programs

Sironko Woman MP Florence Nambozo Mayoga has urged youths to capitalise on government programs in improving their livelihoods.

Nambozo says Uganda has the youngest population in the world adding that youths should be helped to be productive. She explains that youths need to be productive to be worthy in their communities.

According to Nambozo, youth need to exploit income opportunities in the agricultural sector urging them to organize themselves in groups in order to benefit in government programs like Youth livelihood Program and the current SACCO project.

Her message comes at the time when Uganda is joining the rest of the world in celebrating youth day 2019 with national celebration taking place in Jinja under the theme “transforming education”

Nambozo explains that this year’s theme gives an opportunity to all state parties to evaluate the various policies, programmes and strategic interventions aimed at empowering young people”.

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Police Fire Live Bullets, Tear Gas To Disperse Demonstrators In Mbale.

By Weswa Ronnie  

Police of Mbale this morning used tear gas and live bullets to disperse angry demonstrators who are demanding for installation of humps along Mbale Soroti-Kumi road at Kikindu market Northern division in Mbale municipality.

According to Robert Mwawule a resident, Mbale Soroti-Kumi roads along Kikindu market has become a death spot due to speeding vehicles that are knocking people day and night.

He adds that the demonstration followed the death of their fellow resident known only as Edirise who was knocked by the speeding primo vehicle yesterday evening while traveling to Sironko from Mbale town.

James Kundu also says, this month already three people have died at the same place in a similar manner after being knocked by speeding vehicles.

They add that they are going to resume a demonstration in subsequent days until Uganda National Roads Authority put humps there because the place is busy and highly populated.

However, Godfrey Mwesige the OC traffic police Elgon sub-region condemned the demonstration urging people to be calm saying that he is going to communicate to UNRA Mbale office, such that soon before the end of this week they install humps there.


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Sironko celebrates Eid al Adha

National prayers are ongoing at the Uganda National Mosque in Old Kampala led by the Mufti of Uganda, Sheik Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje. Thousands of Muslim faithful attended the mass which commenced at 9 am.

In Sironko, each Mosque had Muslims. MP Nambozo Called for peaceful Co-exitence As Muslims prepare to celebrate Eid al adhaSironko District Woman Member of parliament

While speaking to Muslims in several mosques in Sironko District today morning, Nambozo urged the Muslims to use the occasion to pray for continued peace, stability, unity and understanding of one another in Uganda and the world at large.

Nambozo revealed that the strength and dignity of Uganda can only be achieved and preserved through unity and peaceful co-exitence and she particularly called upon Muslims in Uganda to actively take part in building a peaceful and united Ugandan society.

Muslims around the world will on Sunday, August 11 gather to celebrate Eid al-Adha, the end of the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Eid al-Adha is the second of two Islamic festivals celebrated by Muslims all over the world.

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Kadaga slams international community over refugees

MIDRAND, SOUTH AFRICA: The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has criticised the international community for failing to make good their financial contributions to support refugees in Uganda as they had pledged during the Kampala Solidarity Summit on Refugees in 2017.

Addressing the 10th Conference of Speakers of African Parliaments and Senates at the Pan-African Parliament in Midrand, South Africa, on Tuesday, 06 August 2019, Kadaga said that of the US$15 million that was projected to be collected at the summit, only US$540,000
was realised.

“We had a solidarity summit in Uganda with all the world’s big names and leaders from the biggest economies but it was quite shocking when such leaders pledged very little sums of money and later even failed to fulfil the pledges,” she said.

Uganda, being the second biggest refugee-hosting country in the world and the first in Africa, was selected to host the refugee summit attended by world leaders and technocrats who included the United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) June 2018 report shows that Africa has the highest number of forced migrants in the world. The continent accounted for nearly one-third of the world’s 68 million forced migrants, including 6.3 million refugees and 14.5 million internally displaced persons.

Host countries continue to shoulder the responsibility of and facilitating refugees’ access to basic needs. However, this reduces the resources and resilience of the host communities.

“Settling of refugees comes with a cost to our people because there is a lot of pressure on the local population to share facilities. In one of our districts of Adjumani, 50 per cent of the population is made up of refugees and so there is pressure on water, schools, health facilities and the environment and this is very costly to the Uganda government,” said Kadaga .

Speaker Kadaga requested the UNHCR to build permanent structures such as health centres and schools in the refugee settlements as a stopgap to support host communities that have co-existed with refugees in the event that they leave.

Kadaga proposed that for refugee host countries, there should be inter-ministerial coordination mechanisms to bring together the government, international, local and civil society organisations to address the refugee issue from a wider perspective.

“I want to confirm that refugees living in Uganda are not in camps but settlements, which gives them freedom of movement, access to social service and employment,” Kadaga told the Speakers.

The Speaker of the Algerian Parliament, Slimane Chenine, said the increased armed conflicts on the continent had worsened the refugee problem over the last two years.

“To resolve this problem, my country has always proposed a holistic approach that is balanced and will require solidarity based on human rights, sovereignty and national security,” said Chenine.

In his presentation, George Kachio, the UNHCR Representative for Southern Africa revealed that over 100,000 Africans leave the continent every year for Europe.

Speaking as chief guest, the President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), Gabriela Cuevas Barron, called on countries of the AU to work together in regard to development, gender equality, youth empowerment, fighting terrorism, climate change, migration and refugees issues.

“The safest countries in the world are those practising democracy. We have the power to change the world and we need to give results to our people,” Barron said and singled out Kadaga for aggressively advocating for an IPU President that could work with Africa.

The two-day Speaker’s conference is being held under the theme, “Finding durable solutions to forced migration to accelerate integration and development in Africa: the role of National and Regional Parliaments.

Over 90 per cent of African countries are a party to the 1951 Refugee Convention and have passed laws for its implementation.

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Christians Aught To Support Church Developments

Christians in Sironko District have been urged to embrace development-oriented programs in churches.

This call was made by Asha Nabulo Mafabi who intends to vie for the Sironko District Woman Parliamentary seat in the 2021 general elections. Nabulo was addressing Christians at confirmation and fundraising for Bumasifwa Church of Uganda in Legenya Sub County yesterday.

According to Nabulo, embracing development programs helps in the spiritual, economic and social transformation of Christians.

On the fundraising, 2.5million shillings was raised at a function also attended by North Mbale Diocese Rt. Reverend Samuel Gidudu. Bishop Gidudu said the money will be put towards the construction of a new Cathedral at North Mbale Diocese headquarters in Buhugu Sub County.

Bishop Gidudu said that the construction of the cathedral requires up to four ( 4 )billion shillings.  He asked Christians to contribute to the cause.

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Sironko boss Mulekwa intends to sue some councillors for alleged defamation.

Sironko LCV Chairperson Herbert Mulekwa intends to sue some councillors at Sironko District Local Government for alleged defamation.

Through his lawyers Makada and Partners, Mulekwa accuses the Councillors of hatching a plan to have him impeached on allegations of engaging in corruption tendencies something he denies. Mulekwa says the councillors also claim he has an invisible hand in the District Service Commission work. Mulekwa says the allegations are born out of sheer malice and aimed at tainting his image.

Allan Muduku the Councillor representing Bukise Sub County at the District has acknowledged receipt of the notice for intention to sue. Muduku says the impeachment of Chairman Mulekwa was supported by 21 out of the 45 councillors. He also accuses Mulekwa of failing to lay before Council the 2019/2020 financial year District Budget.

Ali Madoi the Councillor representing Buyobo Sub County at the District says corruption is rampant in the District lands office. Madoi accuses Mulekwa of being at the centre of such corruption tendencies.

Abdu Magombe the Youth Chairperson for Buteza Sub County is in support of impeachment proceedings against Chairman Mulekwa. Magombe cites the mysterious torching of the District Production Offices where no explanation has been given on the cause of the fire.

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MP Nambozo: Human traffickers must be purnished.

Florence Nambozo Mayoga the Sironko District Woman Member of Parliament has called for action against human traffickers.

Nambozo says local leaders and security agencies need to work jointly so as to fight human trafficking. Nambozo’s call comes as Uganda joins the rest of the world today to commemorate the Day against trafficking in persons.

She says youth must be careful when approaching labour export companies to avoid being trafficked. She has asked youth to embrace the available government programmes like Youth Livelihood so as to alleviate poverty in their households. She says human trafficking has arisen because of the unemployment problem among youth.

Mariam Mwiza an anti-trafficking activist with Overseas Workers Voice Uganda says the fight against human trafficking has been frustrated by some security operatives who are in support.

According to the Police Annual Crime Report for 2018 286 incidents related to trafficking in persons were registered as compared to 177 in 2017

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