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Avoid Alcohol Addiction, Nandala Tells Residents

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi has urged people to avoid being addicted to alcohol.

Nandala made the call yesterday at Bumausi Primary School in Nalusala Sub County, Sironko District while meeting residents on development-oriented issues, as he carries out consultative meetings in the entire constituency of Budadiri West.

Nandala told the residents that alcohol addiction leads to poor planning as most of the hard-earned money is most times wasted. He lashed out at the government for not taking appropriate action against manufacturers of alcohol in sachets.

Nandala wants local governments to pass by-laws that will ban the sale of alcohol in sachets like it has been done in Districts like Gulu and Lira.

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SIRONKO: Nandala takes development meetings to Mafundu, Nalusala sub counties.

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi will on Saturday 17th August 2019 be in Mafudu and Bukhulo sub counties to sensitize residents and interact with various area leaders on development projects in his constituency.

The Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) Secretary General is scheduled to also meet leaders and also make rally at Mafundu Primary School in Mafundu sub county and neighboring sub counties in lower sironko.

Job Busiima the FDC chairman of Mafundu and Bukhulo sub counties in Sironko says Nandala will on Saturday 17th August, 2019 will meet political leaders, religious members and all residents of greater Mafundu and Bukhulo sub counties in a rally at Mafundu Primary School at 1pm before addressing another rally on the 18th August at Bumausi Primary School in nalusala sub county.

Mr. Nandala will on Saturday again do a radio program on Elgon FM 101.4 from 7-10PM.

According to Herbert Musinga the FDC chairperson for Nalusala Sub county, MP Nandala visit is hinged on discussing development issues throughout the constituency. The FDC mobilize also said that residents will be given chance to interact with their legislator. He adds that it’s an opportunity for local leaders to table the community concerns before the MP

Nandala while at a sensitization campaign in Buwalasi Sub County in Busamaga Secondary School noted that he intends to improve their living conditions through sensitization, education and empowerment as they prepare for 2021. He urged residents to come for the meetings and share ideas on how to develop their areas.

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MP Nambozo asks Youths to Improve Livehood through capitalising on Government Programs

Sironko Woman MP Florence Nambozo Mayoga has urged youths to capitalise on government programs in improving their livelihoods.

Nambozo says Uganda has the youngest population in the world adding that youths should be helped to be productive. She explains that youths need to be productive to be worthy in their communities.

According to Nambozo, youth need to exploit income opportunities in the agricultural sector urging them to organize themselves in groups in order to benefit in government programs like Youth livelihood Program and the current SACCO project.

Her message comes at the time when Uganda is joining the rest of the world in celebrating youth day 2019 with national celebration taking place in Jinja under the theme “transforming education”

Nambozo explains that this year’s theme gives an opportunity to all state parties to evaluate the various policies, programmes and strategic interventions aimed at empowering young people”.

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Sironko boss Mulekwa intends to sue some councillors for alleged defamation.

Sironko LCV Chairperson Herbert Mulekwa intends to sue some councillors at Sironko District Local Government for alleged defamation.

Through his lawyers Makada and Partners, Mulekwa accuses the Councillors of hatching a plan to have him impeached on allegations of engaging in corruption tendencies something he denies. Mulekwa says the councillors also claim he has an invisible hand in the District Service Commission work. Mulekwa says the allegations are born out of sheer malice and aimed at tainting his image.

Allan Muduku the Councillor representing Bukise Sub County at the District has acknowledged receipt of the notice for intention to sue. Muduku says the impeachment of Chairman Mulekwa was supported by 21 out of the 45 councillors. He also accuses Mulekwa of failing to lay before Council the 2019/2020 financial year District Budget.

Ali Madoi the Councillor representing Buyobo Sub County at the District says corruption is rampant in the District lands office. Madoi accuses Mulekwa of being at the centre of such corruption tendencies.

Abdu Magombe the Youth Chairperson for Buteza Sub County is in support of impeachment proceedings against Chairman Mulekwa. Magombe cites the mysterious torching of the District Production Offices where no explanation has been given on the cause of the fire.

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Nakiyi donates iron sheets to boda boda riders for shades.

Julius Nakiyi the NRM Parliamentary Aspirant for Budadiri East in Sironko has donated iron sheets to two boda boda riders to put up shades at their parking sites also known as stages. Nakiyi says the shades will help to protect the riders from direct sunlight as they wait for passengers. The two stages are Kiguli stage in busulani sub county and Koota stage in Masaba sub county.

Wakidwaya John who delivered the iron sheets to boda boda riders of kiguli on Friday evening on behalf of Nakiyi asked the riders to put up the structure as early as possible as rains continue to show no sign of stopping. He urged boda boda riders to be honest and remain disciplined and asked them to support Julius Nakiyi as they approach 2021.

Waguwale Benard the chairman of Kiguli boda boda stage acknowledged the receipt of 10irone sheets for the stage shade. He appreciated Nakiyi for helping. He asked fellow riders to leaders like Julius Nakiyi who listen and deliver minus promising.

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The poor state of roads worry residents of Buwagama

Residents of Buwagama parish in Bumulisha Sub County, Sironko District have decried the poor state of roads in their area.

The residents aired out their concerns to Asha Mafabi Nabulo an aspirant for the Sironko District Woman Parliamentary seat who had visited the area.

Fred Nakoko the District Councillor representing Bumulisha Sub County accused authorities at Sironko District Local Government Council for ignoring the area which is a food basket.

As a result, Nakoko says most of the perishable food that is destined to markets end up rotting on the way because of the bad roads. He also says the area missed out on the government’s rural electrification program because the transportation of electric poles was a challenge due to the poor road network.

But Asha Mafabi Nabulo (NRM) urged the residents to elect leaders who will lobby for improved services. Nabulo promised to donate culverts and murrum trips for maintenance works on the road.

Others in the race for the Sironko Woman Parliamentary seat include; incumbent Florence Nambozo Mayoga (NRM), Hildah Nadunga (NRM), Robinah Wamanga (FDC) and Femiar Wadada (Independent).

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Don’t Reject New Town Councils -Nandala Tells His Electorates

Nathan Nandala Mafabi the Member of parliament for Budadiri west constituency has called upon residents of Sironko to warmly welcome the newly allocated town councils in Sironko district.

He said this while at Buteza primary school, during the ongoing  Forum for Democratic Change(FDC) party grass root restructuring meetings being held across Sironko district.

Nandala called upon residents to welcome the new sub-counties and town councils to help in fostering development in the district.

he said that unlike other districts that have realized development through divisions like sub-counties and town councils Sironko has remained undeveloped because its local government administration has failed to plan for its people.

”we decided to get town councils because these have their budgetary allocations direct from the central government unlike sub-counties whose money from the central Government goes through accounts of their district local government which makes it hard for sub-counties to plan for themselves”, said Nandala.

Nandala also said that the new town councils will provide jobs to the residents and also improve on the road networks of their areas since govern provides seven kilometers(7km) of tarmac to all town councils every financial year.

The newly allocated town councils in Budadiri west include Bugusege, Bukiyiti, Kama, Buweri, and Pato town council which he said is still under scrutiny by central government demanding that Elgon technical college be part of the new town council and yet it still belongs to Mbale district.

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FDC Embarks On Reviving Its Grass-root Party Structures.

As the 2021 general elections approach, Forum for democratic change party has embarked on a Nationwide campaign of reviving all its structures from the grass-root level.

While speaking to hundreds of party leaders of Budadiri East constituency in Sironko district over the weekend at Sironko parents secondary school Mutufu campus, Nathan Nandala Mafabi the party general party sectary said that the purpose of this nationwide excise is to use those structures and win all political positions right from the LCI level to National come next general election of 2021.

He also said that as a party they have discovered that their poor performance in the 2016 general election was as a result of lacking structures at the grass-root level and inside fights within the party members.

Nandala also said that most flagger bearers after losing elections at the party level, they refused to back the winning candidate rather decided to contest as independent candidates thus giving NRM chance to take most of the positions which they are trying to avoid in the coming general elections.

He also said that they have started from Sironko before rolling out national wide as they identify their members from LCI level who are going to compete as party flagger bearer before the end of this year as they prepare for 2021 general elections.

Isaiah Sasaga Wanzairi the former Member of Parliament and contestant on FDC ticket at Budadiri East constituency welcomed the idea of reviving the structures saying that this will aid the party to sweep 2021 general elections from LCI to national level.

Robin Wamanga also the former Sironko woman Mp contestant on FDC ticket urged all FDC leaders from local council one to start convincing people from their villages to join the party such that by 2021 they have a massive number of supporters.   

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Namisindwa MPs demands for the nullification of results from recent recruitment exercise.

Members of Parliament from Namisindwa want the results from the recent recruitment exercise in the district nullified.

This follows widespread complaints of corruption and bribery leveled against members of the District Service Commission. The MPs have written to the Chief Administrative Officer questioning the recruitment process, saying there wasn’t transparency. 

This comes days after a mother identified as Annet Nelima collapsed in the CAO’s office after learning that her daughter, Lorna Sulwa hadn’t been shortlisted for the job she applied for even after paying members of the District Service Commission.

The Namisindwa Woman Member of Parliament, Canon Grace Namukhula Watuwa, says the entire process was marred with several anomalies. 

Apollo Masika, the Bubulo East MP, says they have written to several government agencies like the Inspectorate of Government-IG, the Public Service Commission, State House Anti-Corruption Unit, Local Government Ministry and Criminal Investigations Directorate to investigate the recruitment. Masika says they want the recruitment process cancelled

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MP Florence Nambozo to Commission Sironko Foot Cable Bridge Project


Sironko District Woman MP Hon. Florence Nambozo will soon be leading a delegation from Ministry of Works and Transport to commission Kibembe suspended foot cable bridge on River Sironko in Sironko district.

The foot bridge worth Shillings 171. Million whose construction works commenced on 1st April this year is complete. It connects Mutufu parish in Bumalimba Sub county to Nalusala parish in Nalusala sub county in Sironko district.

For residents of Bumalimba and Nalusala Sub-counties in Sironko District, are already in Jubilations even before the commission of the bridge because they say for years they have been facing challenges of accessing social services in the neighbouring sub-counties.

Hon. Nambozo has also expressed her happiness saying the 75-metre bridge, constructed by Bridges to Prosperity (B2P), a US-based NGO in partnership with the government at Shs171M, is a breathes of relief, especially to mothers and children who have been struggling to access health centres and primary schools within the area. 

She adds that as Sironko, they are happy government has intervened and constructed bridges that cannot be affected by weather hazards revealing that with the improved infrastructure, there will be enhanced access to markets, health centers and schools among other in the district.

Bridges to Prosperity entered a partnership with the Government through the Ministry of Works and Transport to construct 10 such bridges across the country

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