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Avoid Alcohol Addiction, Nandala Tells Residents

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi has urged people to avoid being addicted to alcohol.

Nandala made the call yesterday at Bumausi Primary School in Nalusala Sub County, Sironko District while meeting residents on development-oriented issues, as he carries out consultative meetings in the entire constituency of Budadiri West.

Nandala told the residents that alcohol addiction leads to poor planning as most of the hard-earned money is most times wasted. He lashed out at the government for not taking appropriate action against manufacturers of alcohol in sachets.

Nandala wants local governments to pass by-laws that will ban the sale of alcohol in sachets like it has been done in Districts like Gulu and Lira.

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SIRONKO: Nandala takes development meetings to Mafundu, Nalusala sub counties.

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Nathan Nandala Mafabi will on Saturday 17th August 2019 be in Mafudu and Bukhulo sub counties to sensitize residents and interact with various area leaders on development projects in his constituency.

The Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) Secretary General is scheduled to also meet leaders and also make rally at Mafundu Primary School in Mafundu sub county and neighboring sub counties in lower sironko.

Job Busiima the FDC chairman of Mafundu and Bukhulo sub counties in Sironko says Nandala will on Saturday 17th August, 2019 will meet political leaders, religious members and all residents of greater Mafundu and Bukhulo sub counties in a rally at Mafundu Primary School at 1pm before addressing another rally on the 18th August at Bumausi Primary School in nalusala sub county.

Mr. Nandala will on Saturday again do a radio program on Elgon FM 101.4 from 7-10PM.

According to Herbert Musinga the FDC chairperson for Nalusala Sub county, MP Nandala visit is hinged on discussing development issues throughout the constituency. The FDC mobilize also said that residents will be given chance to interact with their legislator. He adds that it’s an opportunity for local leaders to table the community concerns before the MP

Nandala while at a sensitization campaign in Buwalasi Sub County in Busamaga Secondary School noted that he intends to improve their living conditions through sensitization, education and empowerment as they prepare for 2021. He urged residents to come for the meetings and share ideas on how to develop their areas.

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Local Leaders In Bulambuli back Sara Wekomba For 2nd Term In Parliament.

By: Egonda Emmanuel Anelka

Local leaders of six villages in Muyembe Sub County, Bulambuli District have resolved to support the District Woman Member of Parliament Sarah Wekomba in her bid for a second term in the 2021 elections.

The leaders are from the villages of Bumulekhwa, Bulako, Busukuya, Buwabwala, Bunakami, and Bunabiro. They made the pronouncement on Saturday at Muyembe Town View Nursery and Primary School. MP Sarah Wekomba had visited the area to meet women groups and engage in consultations on how they can benefit from government programs.

Godfrey Kikwe the Vice-Chairperson Bumulekhwa village says MP Wekomba has lobbied for projects like the repair of bridges in the area. He also says Wekomba is an approachable leader who often consults them on matters of development.

David Watibini the LCII Chairperson for Bulako Parish in Muyembe Sub County says MP Wekomba has empowered women through savings and credit associations. Watibini says women can now ably sustain their families without solely depending on their husbands.

In response, Sarah Wekomba said she will continue lobbying for the people of Bulambuli so as to help better their lives. Quite often some leaders have been accused of losing touch with the people they represent; something Wekomba says is dangerous.

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Kadaga calls For A Visa-Free Continent

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, has called on African countries to abolish the issuance of visas to enable free movement of people across the continent.

The free movement of persons, according to Kadaga, will facilitate Africans to ply their trade across the continent which is a prospective market. Reacting to the resolutions reached at the closure of the 10th Conference of

Speakers of African Parliaments and Senates at the Pan-African Parliament in Midrand, South Africa on Wednesday, 7 August 2019, Kadaga emphasized that Africans needed visa-free restrictions as opposed to having a standard African passport to facilitate the free movement of people within the continent.

“What we want is a removal of the visa instead of the issuance of the African passport. I am a senior person in my country and I do not even have the African passport and also do not know any person with it,” said Kadaga.

The Speaker added that free movement of people would improve continental trade resulting into equitable development on the continent. She called on the African Heads of State to urgently address the issue of visas.

Kadaga also questioned the existence of multiple regional economic blocs on the continent and said they are hampering the work of legislators who are trying to open Africa to its people.
“I am actually surprised that even the African Union, which is the executive body of this continent, is trying to create the Horn of Africa as another regional bloc and yet many of these countries are already part of the existing blocs,” she said.

She also noted that countries are expected to pay a subscription to the numerous regional blocs they may belong to thus becoming a burden to the national purse of the respective countries.
The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) is one of the organs of the African Union (AU) as set out by the Treaty Establishing the African Economic Community (Abuja Treaty).

The Parliament is intended as a platform for people from all African states to be involved in discussions and decision-making on the problems and challenges facing the continent.

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MP Nandala donates food to Maluku inmates

By Emma Bwayo

MP Nandala donates Ramadan food to Maluku inmates and sironko muslims.

Budadiri West Member of Parliament Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi has donated food items to inmates in Maluku Prison in Mbale and sironko district muslims on thursday afternoon.

Speaking at the hand over of the items, Mr Wafula Sowedi who represented the legislator said the month of Ramadan is a time of fasting, but more so, it is a time during which Muslims are compelled to give adding that it is the reason why Hon. Nandala considered Muslim inmates in Maluku prison for Ramadan food.

The food items included 300 Kilo grams of Rice, 50 kilo grams of meat, 100 kilo grams of sugar and 30 kilo grams of onions.

Muslim inmates received food items to supplement their daily posho and beans, while breaking the fast.

The prisoners’ deputy imam, Sulait Musobya said, “Most inmates here don’t fast because of the poor food. But with this donation, the number of people fasting will increase when they are assured of good meals.”

However, according to Hajji Jafari Mudabari who was in charge of Budadiri west in sironko district said each mosque received 50KG of sugar and flour on average depending on the number of muslims

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Residents urged to respect local leaders

Residents have been urged to respect their leaders in a bid to foster dovelopment in communities. The call was made by Asha Mafabi Lumolo the woman MP aspirant for Sironko District during a fund raising drive at  Bugimwera Church of Uganda in Legenya sub county, Sironko District meeting over the weekend. 

According to Nabulo, leaders at all levels deserve respect adding that leaders deserve advice or positive critisms but not abuses.  Asha Nabulo who also doubles as a daughter to Sironko district NRM Boss says leaders should always support projects that benefits majority residents.

Nabulo outlined her Education Trust Fund targeting orphans and vulnerable children of sironko, lobby for hands on skills among other projects to benefit residents of sironko.

Ali Madoi the LC. V councillor for Buyobo sub county in sironko cautioned residents against entrusting selfish leaders adding that they should vote pro people leaders who serve interests of the majority

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NRM Boss to Contest for Mbale City Mayoral Seat

Ismail Masaba Sulaiman the NRM National Vice Chairperson of the Enterprenuer’s League has declared his intentions to contest for Mbale city mayoral seat on NRM seat. 
In an exclusivee interview with Elgon fm, Masaba says together with the people of Mbale, would wish to market the city as the business and education hub in the region. He explains that   Mbale need to shine again as it used to be or as it was planned to be. 
Masaba listed Health, Education and Business as his major priorities to transform the city. 
Born in 1979, Masaba holds a Masters of Business Administration Information Technology (MBA-IT) fromSikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical & Technological Sciences inIndia. Masaba has worked with several local and international companies with latest being Kampala International University as a marketing coordinator. 
Masaba joins former independent candidate for Mbale Municipality mayoral seat Cassam Namugali for the city top seat. 
Last month, Mbale district passes a resolution on boundaries in quest for city status pending parliament’s approval

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Youths Demand Removal of Embattled Manafwa RDC

A section of Manafwa Youths have backed the resolution to remove Manafwa RDC Ahamada Washaki. They accuse him of undermining their leaders.

Led by Mustafa Buke the NRM mobilize in Manafwa commonly known as “Muzukulu”, youths accuse Washaki of being arrogant. They allege that many people including local leaders were brutalized in Bukusu sub county under the command of RDC.

Buke says he supports the district council resolution to remove Washaki. He explained that he is mobilizing youths leaders to have a written document to back up the district council resolution.

On Monday, the district council passed a resolution recommending the removal of the Resident District Commissioner accusing him of being incompetent.

But, Ahamada Wakhweya a resident of Manafwa District says leaders are fighting the RDC(Washaki) and DPC for questioning about absentism and late coming of district staff and fighting criminals in the district. He explained that leaders want to see off Washaki because he launched a war on corruption.

However, Ahamada Washaki says he is waiting to get minutes of the resolution before he communicate the next step. He vowed that the war against corruption in the district is not yet over

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