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Sironko MP Nambozo tips Clergy on Wealth Creation

By Ashaba D Ashiraf

Sironko district Woman Member of Parliament Florence Nambozo has urged Christian clergies in Sironko to engage and sensitize their flocks in economic activity that will improve on their household income, the same way they have succeeded in entrenching spirituality.

“Contrary to other developed regions in the country, Sironko has lagged behind because it has lived a situation of under-production and under-consumption. This affects both church and government as the population do not also contribute enough to the church,” Nambozo.

Nambozo was on Saturday speaking at the Thanksgiving conference of the retiring clergies and their spouses in North Mbale Diocese at St’ Luke church of Uganda in Sironko town council She, however, challenged them that though Christianity has spiritually grown more in the country, reinforcing spiritual position should be in consonance with people’s economic welfare that will lead to tremendous development Referring to the Biblical parable of talents in relation to God’s creation of Man, Nambozo said that although God created man mainly for two purposes of multiplying and filling the earth, He also put him in charge of having dominion over nature such as controlling disaster or disease.

She therefore observed that man has only fulfilled the first mission of multiplying. She, therefore, challenged Christians that they should use their God-given talents multiplied through sensitization to enhance the economic wellbeing of their communities.

The Bishop of North Mbale dioceses, Rt. Rev. Bishop Samuel Gidudu thanked Hon Nambozo for the good working collaboration with the Church and for the spiritual support she has always extended to the Christians in the district in, which he noted, is an honour for the church adding that there’s need for the people of Uganda to offer to be missionaries to each other

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Sironko commended for electing Pro-active Leaders.

General Edward Katumba Wamala the Works State Minister has commended the people of Sironko for electing pro-active leaders.

Katumba said this in response to Sironko District Woman Member of Parliament Florence Nambozo Mayoga. He described Nambozo as an active leader who has kept on reminding him about the bad roads in the District.

Katumba said this today while commissioning metallic climbing ladders on Butandiga ridge. This connects Sigwa trading center with Mbaya parish in Butandiga Sub County. The construction of the ladders cost 300 million shillings.

Florence Nambozo Mayoga the Sironko District Woman Member of Parliament said the ladder project was implemented under the Simplified Movement for Mountain Dwellers.

Nambozo says the project will aid students and pregnant mothers and promote local tourism. She warned residents against vandalizing the ladders.

Wanyama Nekemeya and Wekomba Michael both residents of Butandiga Sub County lauded MP Nambozo for lobbying for such a development project

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People power leaders in the Bugisu sub-region to defy a ban on the `red beret.

By Weswa Ronnie 

People power political pressure group leaders from the Bugisu sub-region have vowed to defy a government ban on the red beret.

Last week the minister of defense Eli Tumwine confirmed that it’s now illegal in Uganda to get anybody putting on red beret on his or her head because it resembles military police attires.

John Baptist Nambesha coordinator of people power in Elgon sub-region also the Mp representing people of Majiya constituency in Bududa district quashed the ban saying that this signifies government fear to people power pressure group.

According to Nambeshe, the red berets have big difference with that of military police because that of people power have the symbol of Uganda map and of UPDF has a court of arms symbol although they resemble in colure so they see no reason of obeying the ban since they are not breaking any law.

He adds that as people power they have already filed a case against the government for banning one of their symbols illegally yet Uganda is a multiparty state.

Abasa Wetaka of Mbale district people power pressure group also described president Museveni as the worst dictator in the history of Uganda, saying he should also ban yellow beret to prove to the world that his intention is not politically motivated.

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Independence day: Sironko Residents Want Presidential Emphasis on Roads and Corruption.

By: Egonda Emmanuel Anelka

 A section of residents in the Sironko town council, Sironko District wants President Yoweri Museveni to speak about government plans of improving the road network and the corruption tendencies in their area.

President Yoweri Museveni will preside over the 57th National Independence Day Celebrations at Sironko District Local Government Grounds next week on Wednesday.  Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa is also expected to attend. The celebrations will be held under the theme: “Consolidation of National Unity, Security, Freedom, and Prosperity”

Now a section of Sironko residents has told Elgon FM that the poor roads are a nightmare and government needs to act. They also want action taken against corrupt civil servants at Sironko District who are sabotaging government programs.

Ali Madoi the Councillor representing Buyobo Sub County at Sironko District Local Government says the celebrations should not be politicized. According to Madoi, irrespective of political inclination, people should attend the national event.

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Bobi wine speaks out on the concluded Hoima Bye elections

The leader of the people power movement in Uganda Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi wine has spoken out on the recently concluded parliamentary elections for the woman seat in Hoima district.

NRM’s Harriet Businge beat FDC’s Asinansi Nyakato by over 4,000 votes.

In a close race, Businge garnered 33,301 votes against Nyakato’s 28,789 votes.The overall results were announced by Hoima Electoral District returning officer Douglas Matsiko early Friday, who declared Businge the newly-elected district Woman representative to Parliament.

this is what bobi wine had to say to his supporters on his facebook page

”Fellow Ugandans,I have restrained myself from speaking about what has been going on in Hoima for the past two days. Now that a candidate was declared winner, I will say a few things.

First, let me congratulate comrade Nyakato Asinasi Kamanda, our candidate for Hoima Municipality Woman MP. Thank you for putting up such a spirited fight. You did not have even 1% of the resources poured into this election by the NRM regime, but you did your best- waking up each day to move to the nearest and farthest points of Hoima district. You are a true fighter. The people of Bunyoro have a great asset in you. I congratulate the people of Hoima; the people of Bunyoro for making every effort to exercise your constitutional right to vote despite untold levels of intimidation by the regime. Thank you for embracing the message of change is such an incredible way. I can understand the level of disappointment you have today as you wake up to have another leader imposed on you; your will usurped. But courage my friends- ultimately, the battle shall be won!

Second, I congratulate and appreciate the forces of change for coming together in a rare display of unity in Hoima. I thank the many leaders in FDC, ANT, DP and other forces who have been positive to this cooperation.There were challenges of course. There are those who have decided at every point to put their personal or party interests above the interests of the people of Uganda. We condemn this behavior and moving forward, we must have discussions and decide what is more important.

As #PeoplePower, we came in to support an FDC candidate simply because we place the struggle for a better Uganda above anything else. It defeated all logic to see some leaders, apparently in the opposition, do everything to frustrate comrade Nyakato’s victory simply because she embraced and identified with #PeoplePower.

Third, I want to join my fellow leaders and other Ugandans in condemning the very high levels of election malpractices that were displayed in this election. As I did mention a few days ago, security forces have for these past days deployed in Hoima, not to keep law and order but to help Museveni and his regime rig this election. So many of our candidate’s supporters and agents were arrested. Many were brutalized. Some of them are held in detention centres outside Hoima. On the day of voting, many were brutally chased away from polling stations. The tally center was raided.

Our teams on the ground spent the day in running battles with vehicles which had pre-ticked ballots in favor of the NRM candidate. Available information shows that they took advantage of the vastness of the district to stuff ballots early morning in remote areas, and were caught later in the day. Several people recorded these things on video, which is why Museveni and his regime are moving to ban cameras from polling stations come 2021.
Her team has Declaration Forms which show different results from those which were declared. We shall support the candidate in every way if she seeks to challenge these violations. But let me also make it clear that these gross violations only make us stronger! They give us more reason to fight on. They prove to us that our cause is a right cause! Therefore we are not fazed- we are only challenged to work even harder.

Therefore, I want to encourage the people of Uganda not to lose sight of the cause and the urgency with which we must work. This whole night, I have been on phone with our foot soldiers and supporters who are understandably very angry and frustrated with the regime. Some are very disappointed and frustrated with the behavior of some elements within the forces of change. My message to these comrades has been that these are phases we must go through in a struggle as big and as serious as this. We are dealing with a desperate regime which is always on the look out for who to compromise. Therefore, the most important thing is to pick lessons. These lessons are indeed invaluable as we prepare for the final onslaught come 2021.

I have invited the #PeoplePower leadership for a meeting at which we shall assess this election and decide how to move forward. The good news is that dictators throughout history have done such things in an even smarter way than Museveni- but ultimately they fell and were dropped in the dustbin of history. The most important thing for us is to be smarter and more organized than the dictatorship. I am persuaded beyond doubt that we shall soon overcome”.

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NAMISINDWA: Residents Warned against Alcoholism

Authorities of Namitsa Sub County in Namisindwa District have warned residents against alcoholism.

The warning was made at the burial of 47 year old Phillip Wekesa, a resident of Bunamotongo village in Namista Sub County.

Wekesa drowned in river Namitsa on Friday last week on his way from a drinking spree.

His body was discovered on Saturday morning by residents.

Yosam Nabitungu the LCIII chairperson for Namitsa Sub County said that people should regulate the amount of alcohol they consume and endeavour to get home early.

Samson Wetaya the LCI chairperson for Bunamotongo village has asked the Namisindwa District leaders to set aside funds so that the bridge at river Namitsa is replaced

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BUDUDA: Wakikona donates to landslide Victims, Applauded.

Bududa District Woman Member of Parliament hopeful Jane Wakikona has donated to victims of Bukalasi landslide victims.

According to Bukoma Paul a youth leader from Nabweya, Bududa who led the team which delivered the items on behalf of Wakikona says they delivered clothes collected under Youth Pilot Project(YPP) a collection of ten youth led groups across the country with the funding from First Lady Janat Katha Museveni.

He asked the victims support Jane Wakikona in the coming elections. Speaking to our reporter, Bukoma explains that YPP is to recruit 6.75Million youths across the country before June 2020 to mobilise for president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Rogers wandulu from bushiyi sub county applauded Jane Wakikona for lobbying for the victims. He says the clothes were timely as most victims were lacking what to put on. He asked Bududa youths to back Jane Wakikona in Bududa Parliamentary elections.

Wandulu described the sister to the former minister Wakikona as experienced, exposed and mature with the zeal to represent the people of Bududa district.

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DONE: Mbale FDC Mobilisers released on bond

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) mobilisers in Mbale have been released on bond following their arrest yesterday during FDC demos in Mbale.

The Namakwekwe NRM Councilor Bukoma Sowedi, Siraji Wabondo and Mukhonya Dan were charged with assault and malicious damage. They are reportedly arrested for stoning OC Operations’ vihecle as police were in running battles with supporters who had gathered to welcome FDC national leaders.

Besigye was supposed to address a rally at Mpumudde grounds in mission cell in Mbale town.

Margaret Wokuri Madanda the Mbale FDC Chairperson says police should learn to protect Ugandans. She explains that there was no need for arrests yesterday.

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FDC Demands unconditional release of Mbale Mobilisers

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) is demanding for the unconditional release of supporters arrested during FDC demos in Mbale.

The arrested include Namakwekwe NRM Chairman Bukoma Sowedi, Sowali Wabomba and Mabuya Dan. The three were reportedly arrested for stoning OC Operations’ vihecle as police were in running battles with supporters who had gathered to welcome FDC national leaders.

Besigye was supposed to address a rally at Mpumudde grounds in mission cell in Mbale town.

Margaret Wokuri Madanda the Mbale FDC Chairperson says several opposition supporters have been locked up over 24hours with no charges preferred on them. According to Wokuri, government should release the opposition supporters and also come out clearly on the arrests.

However, Mbale district Woman Member of Parliament Connie Nakayenze Galiwango blamed Mbale police for being unfair. According to Nakayenze, Police released FDC Party President Patrick Amuriat Oboi yesterday night few minutes after his arrest and kept on holding the Mbale residents.

Fred Ahimbisibwe the Mbale District Police officer in response told the legislator that Amuriat is a national leader.

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Im Back Home-Femia Wodada Tells FDC Supports In Siroko.

The former woman member for sironko femia wodada has finally returned to the party,she confirmed this over the weekend while addressing a gathering that had turned up for the FDC consultative meetings organized by the budadiri west  constituency member of parliament Nathan andala mafabi at Kibira primary school in sironko Town council.

wodada also handed over a letter that she received from the FDC headquarters in Najanankumbi allowing her to participate in the FDC politics.

It should also be remembered that femia wodada formally fell out with the forum For Democratic party in the 2016 general election when contested as an independent candidate for the woman member of parliament for sironko having missed out on contesting for the FDC flag prior to the general election.

wadada also explained to the FDC party supporters that she fellow out with the  FDC due to unavoidable situations that had occured between her and the FDC secretariate at the district.

wodada also promised to stay and participate in all the FDC  party activities,she called upon the FDC supporters in sironko to unit for the same cause if they want to  see the party sweep most of seats come 2021.

in a related development the  FDC chairperson for sironko district patrict waniale has called upon FDC candidates to always stick to the party nomatter what the outcomes of primary elections are.

he also revealed to elgonfm that three candidates have showed interest in contesting for the sironko woman member of parliament,wodada femia, Nafuna Phiona banga and beatrice Wamanga and all will be seaved through the coming party primaries.

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