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Nandala commiserates with victims of Bulambuli mudslides

Chairman Bugisu Cooperative Union Nathan Nandala Mafabi commiserated with victims of the mudslides in Bulambuli district that killed scores of people and left many others injured on Tuesday evening following heavy down pour.

“We have again lost our people to mudslides in Bulambuli. I join the relatives to mourn for this great loss of life. As we get more details, I urge those near to help the victims in any small way possible” Nandala posted on his Facebook page.

The Budadiri West Member of Parliament says people near the victims should help them in any small way and asked government to enroll the relocation program.

He is set to visit the victims over the weekend.

John Magomu Maleza, the LC III chairperson Bulaago Sub County, says several people in his area are homeless. He says some of the homes were washed away by the landslides while others had their roofs blown off by heavy winds

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Government to Register Mt Elgon Park visitors

Government in in the final stages of registering and signing Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) with communities neighboring Mt Elgon National Park.

According to Capt John Tugume the Senior Conservation Waden Uganda Wildlife Authority attached to Mt Elgon says the registration is aimed at attaining a sustainable harvest of resources from the National Park.

“we need to know how many people are in the park each day because we have been registering cases of people who go I’m the park and die from there”

Tugume advised people who wish to go for Bamboo, fire wood, honey, medicinal in the park to sign for MoU to avoid harassment and interruption.

Nakayenze Christine the senior Waden in charge of tourism at Uganda Wildlife Authority says Mt Elgon National Park is a potential source income for communities near the park adding that opportunities have not been utilized. She urged leaders to sensitize the communities to tap in the tourism potential by marketing the sites.

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Sironko Tomatoe Farmers decry low prices

Jane Nadunga a tomato farmer in Butandiga Sub County says because of a bumper harvest, the price of tomatoes has drastically gone down.

Nadunga says they are struggling to raise money to look after their families and pay fees for children at school.

Sandra Gimono a tomato vendor at Nalugugu roadside market says they are currently buying a basin of tomatoes between 2,000 to 3,000 shillings from farmers. Gimono says just last month, basin of tomatoes was buying between 40,000 to 50,000 shillings. She says in the market a basin costs between 4,000 to 5,000 shillings compared to a month back when it went for 60,000 shillings.

The traders’ secretary at Nalugugu market Musa Wamanga wants government to put up tomato processing plants in Sironko District so that farmers have ready market for their produce.

Godfrey Masaba the Sironko District Operation Wealth Creation Officer says they will forward the proposal to government authorities since Sironko is one of the biggest tomatoes growing Districts in Bugisu Sub region.

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Government To Survey Wetlands In Mbale.

By Weswa Ronnie  

The government of Uganda under the ministry of environment and natural resources is planning to survey all wetlands in Mbale district.

speaking to our reporter in an exclusive interview, Paul Mafabi the national coordinator of natural wetland management revealed that they are aiming at protecting wetlands because people are currently using them to carry out illegal activities like brick making, farming among others.

the targeted wetlands in Mbale that are to be surveyed are Manafwa wetland located in Busiu Sub County, Namatala wetland in Namabasa Sub County and Nagerima wetland in Nakoloke Sub County.

Charles Wakube the Mbale district environmental officer adds that the exercise starts at Nagerima wetland before the end of September.

He also said that they will first engage Local leaders like LCs and landowners at those wetlands before the survey works.

Ogajjo Baraza the resident district commissioner of Mbale district urged locals to embrace the program confirming that they remain owners of the land.

He also said that the purpose of this survey exercise is to identify the number of wetlands and regulate illegal users which may lead them extinction in the coming few years yet they help to cool the environment, filter water and they are homes of world animals among other uses.

Baraza also said that after the survey, landowners will be advised to use their wetlands in legal activities like fish farming rather than growing crops like rice, sugar canes among others which are none profitable and destroy the wetland.

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Uganda’s tourism sector ‘needs more marketing’

“We need to know that this invisible business of tourism is built on awareness.”

Although Uganda, known as The Pearl of Africa, has vast tourism potential, there is need to further market the sector to woo more visitors into the country.

This was revealed by Francis Mugoga, director of Tourism Institute of East Africa, during a function highlighting the potential and prospects of Uganda’s tourism sector.

According to Mugoga, Uganda cannot achieve much if the tourism potential is not advertised to the whole world.

He welcomed efforts that are currently showing Uganda’s tourism potential on Nat Geo World, one of DStv channels.

“We need to know that this invisible business of tourism is built on awareness which must be channeled to the world. If we sit back and relax, other countries advertising will beat our sector’s revenue yet we are so much gifted by nature,” he told his audience of tourism students.

Uganda needs to re-organize its strategy to mainly focus on developing the tourism sites by creating new attractions, he added.

“We should all strive at ensuring that that the number of visitors at the airport goes up to make more revenues. This can be made a reality through instituting a good team to develop our local domestic tourist potentials.”

 Amos Wekesa, director of Great Lakes Safaris, applauded government for hiring three public relations firms from Germany, US and England.

But he said here is need for government to increase funding to better market Uganda’s tourist sites.

Government is currently spending $1.5 bn in marketing its tourism potentials in Europe and America.

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Ug Tourism queen shines at Miss Tourism World

Beauty queens continue to hoist the Uganda flag, lately. The latest on the streak is Anita Ayebare, whose outstanding performance put Uganda among the top participants at the Miss Tourism World 2019 in Porec, Croatia. 

Ayebare, 24, was over the weekend crowned the fourth runner-up, meaning she finished fifth in the competition that attracted beauty queens representing various countries around the world. The grand finale took place on Saturday evening in the presence of a host of tourism ambassadors, business and enthusiasts from across the globe. The grand crown for the 74th annual pageant was won by Julijana Nikolis, 20, representing Australia. 

Ayebare was the 2nd runner-up in the last Miss Tourism Uganda 2017/2018. She was also the Miss Tourism Ankole 2018. The Miss World official website profiles Ayebare as a “Tourism Ambassador who enjoys singing, traveling and gymnastics.” 

As Tourism Ambassador for Uganda, the website quotes the beauty queen, “I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Uganda as with the experience I have had as a tourism ambassador in my country, I have been able to fight against climate change through tree planting in various regions.

I believe if this was carried on by the rest of the world, we can change the world for the future generations to come.” Ayebare was recently flagged off the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) boss, Lily Ajarova to be an ambassador of Ugandan Tourism. This comes at the backdrop of continued concerted efforts by different stakeholders to promote Uganda as a top tourism destination. 

Ayebare’s achievement comes less than a year after Miss Uganda 2017, Quinn Abenakyo stunned Ugandans with an impressive performance as popular and prestigious Miss World pageant. Final ResultsMiss Tourism World – Australia1st Runner Up – Poland2nd Runner Up – Finland3rd Runner Up – Northern Cyprus4th Runner Up – UgandaMiss Tourism World Africa – BeninMiss Tourism World Americas – PanamaMiss Tourism World Asis – VietnamMiss Tourism World Europe – SpainMiss Tourism World Oceania – New ZealandBest National Costume – IndonesiaMiss Tourism Model Of The World – Croatia 

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Govt Targets $360m Annually In Tourism Earnings

UGANDA is targeting $360m per year in earnings from the tourism industry in the next 10 years, reports Gerald Tenywa.
Speaking at the launch of the new tourism policy on Friday, top officials in the tourism industry predicted that the industry would achieve sustained growth with the formulation of the policy. 
The launch, which attracted government agencies and the private sector engaged in tourism, was one of the activities organised to commemorate the World tourism day. The national celebrations were held at the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre. 
State Minister for tourism, Jovino Akaki said tourism had become the top foreign exchange earner. 
“We have always looked at the potential of tourism, but now it is translated into utility,’’ he said. 
The tourist arrivals have been increasing and the anticipated tourism revenue this year is $194m up from $163m last year. 
Akaki said the policy, which aims at sustaining the tourism growth to earn $360m per year in the next 10 years would target few rich tourists. 
He said the policy emphasised attraction of special tourists interests such as water rafting, bird watching, mountain climbing and cultural explorations. 
Dr. Wolfgang Thome of Uganda Tourism Association said if properly harnessed, tourism would become the engine of growth for the economy. Ends

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