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Consult PWDs During Implementation of Development programs

By Rashid Musoke Lufutu

Manafwa -Deputy Resident District Commissioner Gilbert Okwi wants Persons Living with Disability (PWDs) to be consulted during the implementation of development projects.

Gilbert Okwi the deputy Resident District Commissioner Manafwa district has made a plea to members of the society to shun under looking Persons Living with Disabilities- PWDs during implementation of development projects so as to collectively achieve the Sustainable development target set by the government of Uganda, of eliminating poverty before 2030.

While appearing as the chief guest during the financial inclusion project workshop organised by Opportunity Bank Uganda for Leaders of PWDs groups at the Red Cross main hall in Manafwa district yesterday, the RDC implored the participants to value the existence of PWDs adding that disability is not inability. He says most of the PWDs are good workers, good opinion givers and are also talented in various forms.

Robert Igalo the project manager of Opportunity Bank Uganda Limited in charge of mainstreaming financial inclusion for PWDs in Uganda says their aim is to provide equal needs to PWDs, enhancing PWDs groups to form Saving and Credit Coperatives and to also enjoy their banking services of free saving and Low interest loans so as to transform the lives of the local People who are Living with disabilities.

He revealed the program is rolling in four districts namely; Iganga, Mbale/Manafwa, Soroti and Lira.

Godfrey Walukhu the Chairperson of Persons Living with Disabilities for Manafwa and Namisindwa districts promised to share the knowledge acquired to the rest of the PWDs so that they can embrace a savings culture.


According to information obtained by our reporter, Opportunity bank Uganda is collaborating with National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda (NUDIPU), the Association of Microfinance Institutions of Uganda (AMFIU), and Chesire Services Uganda (CSU) to conduct elections of district Council of Reference (COR). The COR comprises of ten co-opted male and female members of local DiPUs and Isave group representatives of persons with disabilities. The elected committee will be meeting quarterly to deliberate, share experiences, challenges, solutions and wayforwads regarding mainstreaming financial inclusion for persons with disabilities in Uganda.

The members who were elected to run the COR for Manafwa District are; Murefu Michael (Chairperson), Nambuya Merab (Secretary), Josephine (Vice Chairperson), Wetaka Safani (Publicity), Wamasembo Wilberforce (Welfare), Namakhonge Sam (Member), Wakooli Norah (Member),  Muyama Janet (Member), Wakwabubi James (Member) And Kakala Aramanzan.

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FOOTBALL: People Power Humbles NRM in Mbale Eid Youth Cup

Erick Mwasame scored the winning penalty for People Power team after a goalless 90minutes. The match was organized by ruling National Resistance Movement(NRM) and People power youth mobilisers in Bugisu district at cricket ground in the centre of Mbale town.

Ashaba Derick Ashiraf the lead organizer said the aim of the game was to mend friendship and set a precidence for senior politicians in the region to follow. Ashaba explained that political belonging should not divide youths adding that they intend to have many games in the near future.

Ashaba revealed that the match was sponsored by Honourable Lydia Wanyoto the National NRM Chairperson of the Women’s League and Ishma Mafabi the Eastern Youth Member of Parliament.

Lydia Wanyoto who was the chief guest at the event urged youths to be innovative and capitalise on government programs. Wanyoto awarded both teams with goats.

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Pan African Parliament calls For Better Governance To Achieve SDGs

Stronger efforts are needed to encourage good governance, accountable leadership, and effective institutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Presenting a report on Wednesday, 07 August 2019 to a joint committee meeting of

Pan African Parliament (PAP) MPs in Midrand, South Africa, hon. Jacqueline Amongin (Uganda) said improved governance and strengthened institutions were critical so as to achieve each goal and target by 2030.
“To set Africa firmly on the path to implementing the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063, the goals of the two agendas must be fully integrated by countries into their policies and plans, national budgets, approaches to investment and private sector engagement and development,” said Amongin .

She added that efforts should, therefore, be intensified to strengthen the alignment of national development frameworks, including budget allocations, and bilateral and multilateral development cooperation frameworks with the goals of the two agendas.

Amongin’s report was out of the April 2019 Fifth Session of the Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development (ARFSD) held in Marrakech, Morocco whose resolutions are intended to set Africa firmly on the path to implementing the 2030 Agenda and Agenda 2063.
The resolutions include improving governance and strengthening of institutions to incorporate laws into domestic legislation.

The others are inclusiveness of education through gender-sensitive and transport policies; encourage good governance, transparent and accountable leadership, among others.

According to the UN, the SDGs are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They address the global challenges, including those related to poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, prosperity, and peace and justice.

The PAP is considering all options on the table including, hosting an SDG summit in October 2019 during the plenary sittings of the continental assembly. The summit is anticipated to enhance PAP’s constructive engagement with the UN to advance the development agenda and to lobby and advocate for the implementation of Agenda 2063.

“The key objectives of this summit are to provide a platform for all national parliaments to assess progress made in achieving the SDGs at the national level, deliberate on expected roles of national parliaments in achieving the SDGs,” said Amongin.

The Marrakech session which elected Amongin as a member of the ARFSD Bureau. .PAP’s delegation to Marrakech also included the hon. Assane Marou dit Koubou (Niger), hon. Lucia Maria Mended dos Passos (Cape Verde), hon. Sen. Paulette Mounguengui (Gabon), hon. Juliette Camara Kinaya (Cote D’Ivoire) and hon. Alhagie Mbow and hon.Fatou Jawara from the Gambia.

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Police recorded low turn up in Mbale recruitment.

By Weswa Ronnie  

As police recruitment excise kick off in Mbale today, the turn up was very low compared to previous recruitments.

While speaking to Elgon Fm in an exclusive interview at Mbale secondary school playground where the excise was taking place Alison Agaba the assistant commissioner of police who was leading the excise says that the turn-up of the applicant was too law.

She adds that they had targeted 82 applicants in Mbale and 64 males and 18 females but they got only 500 people who had turned up to be screened.

Agaba also says that based on the requirement they had wanted they ended up getting less than the target number however much they were forced to reduce on the requirements before getting the expected number.

Robert Tukei the Elgon sub-region police spokesperson also said that they had wanted qualifications like national ID, age between 18 to 22 years, S4 documents with five credits including mathematics and English.

He also said that the low turn up might have been caused by requirements which they have put in place ending up disqualifying or scaring the most interested candidates.

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However, he adds that they got challenges of getting candidates who come from neighboring districts like Manafwa, Bududa, Sironko among others but they were sent back to wait for the excise from their home districts which are soon going to be there.

 Tukei also confirmed that the target number of recruitments across districts in the Elgon sub-region will not be the same because they are basing on the level of crime rate, population among others.

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22 Solar Engineers graduate in Mbale.

Over 20 youth from Districts across Uganda have been passed out after undergoing a three months’ course in solar technology and biogas production in Mbale.

The youth were trained by Mt. Elgon Community Self Help program (MECSHP) a solar manufacturing organization firm in Mbale, Eastern Uganda.

Caleb Wakhungu the team leader at MECSHP says the youths were beneficiaries of Skills Development Fund (SDF) under Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSF). This is funded by Ministry of Finance with support from World Bank.

Nelson Mandela one of the youth from Butaleja who was passed out said he can now assemble a solar panel and promised to use the knowledge to improve his income status.

Bernard Elly Mujjasi the Mbale District LCV was shocked to learn that solar panels are made and assembled locally in Mbale. Mujjasi who presided over the pass out promised to lobby for more government support so that many youth are trained.

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Mbale Youth Leaders Form SACCO To fight poverty

As a way to fight poverty and benefit from government programs, Sub County youth leaders from Bungokho south constituency in Mbale district have formed an association.

While speaking during the launch of the association known as Bungokho south youth level association at Busoba sub-county head offices, Fredrick Nambafu the Busoba sub-county youth counselor said that this association will consist all sub-county leaders in the constituency.

He adds that the forming of the association follows the advice which was given to them by the president the Museveni during his visit to the Bugisu sub-region.

He adds that the president encouraged them as youth leaders to form groups so that the government can channel support from there rather than competing with their fellow youths they are leading.

Paul Masaba the youth chairperson of Nyondo Sub County also says that they are going to use this association for saving and borrowing their money as leaders.

He also says that they are going to lobby for financial support from political leaders, NGOs, and government such that they can fight poverty.

Fred Wanyama the Busiu sub-county youth chairperson also urged the remaining youth leaders who have not joined the association to do so that they can befit from government programs and increase their daily income.

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SIRONKO: Seven shows interest in FDC Flag for LC.5 Seat

Seven senior members of Forum For Democratic Change(FDC) have shown interest in the Sironko District local council five slot. This was revealed by Sironko District FDC party chairman Patrick Waniaye who was addressing party leaders during the Budadiri West stakeholders’ consultative meeting held at Busamaga senior secondary school on Sunday evening.

Waniaye says FDC stand for democracy adding that that the seven plus more others who are yet to show interest will be subjected to party primaries to choose the rightful flag-bearer through a majority vote.

The seven candidates include former district vice chairman and councillor Nalusala Peter Muyobo, Former Buwalasi sub county boss Namakola Joseph, Budadiri West constituency chairman canon Wonyaka senior, Busulani sub county chairman Dadiri Gidudu John, Former Budadiri town council boss Maniaku Francis and Gidoyi Micheal plus a one Wabyalire.

Waniale said youths should be encouraged to go for elective posts at all levels.

Herbert Musinga the FDC Mobiliser in sironko said they need to revise strategies to rescue sironko from what he called failures.

FDC Secretary General Nathan Nandala Mafabi says there must be agreement amongst candidates to avoid loses in the coming elections. Nandala revealed that internal party misunderstandings cost the party the Sironko District Woman Parliamentary seat as the then FDC MP decided to contested on independent adding that now the party is more united and committed than never before.

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Bugisu MPs want loan for Bududa Landdslide resettlement

Members of Parliament from the Bugisu sub-region have appealed to the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, to task government secure a loan to facilitate the quick resettlement of the Bududa landslide victims.

Legislators under their umbrella body, Bugisu Parliamentary Caucus told Kadaga at a meeting in her boardroom on Wednesday, 12 June, 2019 that the rate at which government is handling resettlement does not respond to the rate at which landslides are happening.

Legislators proposed to Kadaga to urge government to compensate the residents rather than construct houses because the latter has dragged.

“For now it is urgent that government takes a loan and compensates people just like in the road construction case. It can even be half the money they are using to construct a house – even if it is Shs 20 million per household because people are desperate,” said Hon. Rose Mutonyi, (MP Bubulo West County

Kadaga noted that the Bududa situation has persisted for a long time. “The livelihood and resettlement of people in the highlands of Bududa is something which government should address. We need to take a decision and deal with the issue completely,” the Speaker observed.

Kadaga pledged to engage the President on the proposal to borrow funds for resettlement of the Bududa landslide victims.

President Yoweri Museveni, the legislators said, is scheduled to travel to Bududa in soon in July

MPs told Kadaga that residents in Bududa are living in fear of not only the landslides but also reports on the cracks developing and the land that is sagging downward.

“We have got a very big crack which goes across Kenya, Bududa, Namisindwa and Sironko,” said Jack Wamanga Wamai MP Mbale Municipality

Wamanga Wamai added, “In Namisindwa, the land is sagging downwards, there is some bad smell from the ground and we fear it could turn into a crater lake.”

The MPs were also concerned that the annual allocation of Shs 8 billion for the resettlement is inadequate, “The money has been used to purchase food and to put up temporary shelter,” said Hon. Mudimi Wamakuyu MP Elgon County.

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