Mbale City Politicians Coping With ‘Scientific’ Campaigns.

Mbale City Politicians Coping With ‘Scientific’ Campaigns.

A section of aspirants for various political positions in Mbale have given mixed reactions on the proposed holding of scientific campaigns and elections.

As a result the Ugandan Electoral Commission banned rallies and asked candidates to use social media, radios and televisions while canvassing for votes.

Lydia Wanyoto an aspirant for the Mbale City Woman Parliamentary race says that it is challenging but candidates have no option but to follow. Wanyoto says that with the Covid-19 pandemic, they need to politick while observing government directives on Covid.

Lydia Wanyoto Mutende

Hajji Umar Nangoli an aspirant for the Northern City Division Parliamentary seat says that ‘scientific’ campaigns have taken away the traditional interface that politicians have been having with voters. Nangoli says that public rallies enable candidates to ascertain the problems facing particular areas.

Hajji Umar Nangoli

Geoffrey Nambafu, who vying for the Industrial City Division Parliamentary seat has asked government to lift the lockdown so that they are able to physically interact with masses.

Geoffrey Nambafu

Nambafu says that the trend of ‘scientific’ elections is a disadvantage to most politicians who are used to meeting people.

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