NAMISINDWA: RDC, OC on Spot for Torture

NAMISINDWA: RDC, OC on Spot for Torture

Namisindwa Resident District Commissioner, Moses Kigai Wamoto is on the spot for allegedly torturing a resident during the enforcement of Covid19 guidelines.

He is accused together with David Twabanje, the Officer in Charge of Namisindwa Central Police Station for torturing 62-year-old Lauben Wabomba, a resident of Namisindwa Town Council.

Wabomba is currently nursing a broken leg at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. According to Wabomba, the RDC and OC found a group of people at a Boda boda stage in Namisindwa town council on August 16th, 2020 and asked them to leave.

Wabomba says he didn’t leave since he wasn’t part of the group, which prompted the RDC to assault him and he fell down on the ground. He says the RDC ordered police officers to take him to Namisindwa Police station but they started beating him and pepper sprayed him before they dragged him to the station.

Wobomba’s son, John Kutosi says the RDC is fond of assaulting residents during his operations. He is now seeking Justice for his father and wants government to intervene and bring all those who tortured his father to book.

Kigai has denied the allegations, saying that he was never involved in any form of torture and that he doesn’t know who could have committed the offense.

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